Iranian nation wants broader relations with the world, stability and security in the region and progress inside the country / We are working hard to help the people and countries in the region to fight terrorism/Trump must apologise Iranian nation before anything else/Even if ISIS attacks a christian country, Iran would be ready to help

The President attended a press conference in New York and said: "The Iranian people want a broad relationship with the world, stability and security in the region and development and progress inside the country, and we know well that Iran's development is not possible without stability and peace in the region, and therefore all our efforts is to help the countries of the region and fight against terrorism".

Wed 20 - September 2017 - 23:04

After attending and addressing the 72nd UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: "The Iranian people chose their way for the coming four years in a very passionate and compelling presidential election in Iran, and they call for extensive relations with the world, development and progress within the country, and stability, security and peace throughout the region".

"The 12th Administration is committed to pursuing these goals, and my visit to New York and participating in the United Nations General Assembly, was aimed at pursuing the same goals that the nation has announced during the elections," the President added.

Dr Rouhani stated: "In the talks we had with the leaders of different European, Asian, Latin American and other countries, the first issue was the development of economic relations with friend countries. After that, there is a very good atmosphere for deepening Iran's relations with other countries, especially in the economic field".

Stating that Iran is trying to advance the win-win policies, the president said: "We are pleased that after the JCPOA, billions of dollars have been invested in Iran by foreign companies and tens of billions of dollars of credit have been provided by large foreign banks, and Iran's economic atmosphere is also shows us that people are hopeful in the future".

Dr Rouhani noted: "According to a study by the Central Bank of Iran, it's true that people are much more hopeful than in the past four years. In the first quarter of this year, the Iranian Statistics Centre also reported that we had 7% growth compared with the same period last year, and this growth was in different sectors".

The president said: "In the past years, we were worried about the recession in the housing sector and we are glad that this sector has also come out of recession. All sectors of the economy in Iran are on the path to development and we want to use the international atmosphere for growth and development".

Dr Rouhani emphasised: "Of course, we are fully aware of the fact that Iran's growth and development is impossible without stability and security in the region and without the fight against terrorism. This is where we say that development comes with safety and security, solidarity and coherence. Therefore, in the last administration and this one, all our efforts have been to help the countries of the region and peoples in the region to fight terrorism".

Referring to Myanmar issue, Dr Rouhani said: “In the recent weeks, Asia has faced a new catastrophe in Myanmar and 400,000 people of Rohingya have been displaced from their homes”.

The President added: “We are a nation that helped the Syrian and Iraqi people and governments from the first day, and we have been at the forefront of fighting terrorism and we will continue to do so”.

Answering a question about his administration’s readiness to meet with Trump’s administration with the framework of the JCPOA, he said: “I think that it’s not realistic because we have talked about an agreement for years and in the recent years, we have had very complicated and extensive negotiations with P 5+1, including the USA. After we discussed and negotiated for years, we reached an agreement and today the Americans are looking for reasons to distance from the agreement”.

“I believe that if the US violates this agreement, no independent nation around the world will be willing to speak with them,” he continued.

He added: “When a country explicitly violates its legal and moral commitments, discussing with them is a wasting time. Plus, yesterday president Trump insulted the Iranian nation, so before anything else, we’re waiting for him to apologise to the Iranian nation”.

“In negotiations with European leaders, including two countries that were present in P5 + 1 negotiations, Mr Macron of France and Ms. May of the United Kingdom, and also other European leaders including Belgium, Norway, and Sweden, they all emphasised that the JCPOA was the best agreement and it must be preserved”.

“This agreement must be maintained and we all will do everything we can to preserve the agreement. Therefore, the European countries explicitly supporter the agreement and they have told me that they have told the US their ideas explicitly have called the US to live up to its commitments”.

“The priority of all P5 + 1 members and Iran is that this important agreement be preserved because it is to the best of all”.

He also talked about the Silk Road and said: “About the Silk Road and the new plans that China has in this regard, we have talked about this issue several times with president Xi Jinping and Iran is willing to have its share and cooperation in this plan. The new Silk Road can be beneficial for economic interests of all countries that’s were a part of this road. We welcome this plan and we have discussed with Chinese authorities in this regard and we have plans about it”.

Speaking about Iran’s possible reactions to the possible US’ exit from the JCPOA, he said: “The European Union’s reaction to this issue is very important. We had problems with the US in the 1990s”.

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