We welcome Belgian companies’ investment or joint activities in Iran/Strengthening banking relations prerequisite to the development of economic cooperation

President Rouhani met with the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in New York and described relations between the two countries long-standing and developing, saying that Iran welcomes the presence of Belgian companies for investment or joint activities in Iran.

Wed 20 - September 2017 - 08:55

In the meeting with that took place on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr Hassan Rouhani described good relations between the two countries a good asset, saying: “In order to strengthen the [JCPOA] agreement, we should strengthen the good atmosphere by economic cooperation".

He added: “Many companies from Europe and Belgium have come to Iran, good agreements have been reached and there are many negotiations going on”.

Dr Rouhani also emphasized the need to cement economic cooperation by strengthening banking relations, adding: "We are interested in developing scientific and technological relations with Brussels, and consider the need to create more facilities for tourists from both countries essential."

"As one of the major victims of terrorism, Iran is ready to develop its cooperation with Brussels and the European Union in the fight against terrorism," the president said, referring to the 17,000 Iranians who were martyred by terrorists.

The Belgian prime minister also described the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a great opportunity to strengthen the relations between Iran and Belgium and said: "Our choice is to work with Tehran and we believe that JCPOA can create a great horizon for cooperation, and I will deliver this message to all of my colleagues in Europe”.

He also said that his country wanted to develop inclusive relations with Iran, and Belgian companies were interested in investing in Iran, and at the same time, academic cooperation between the two countries must be developed and that the Belgian government encourages the continuation of this process.

He also invited President Rouhani to make an official visit to Brussels, saying: "The trip will be a good sign for cooperation with 27 European countries".

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