Our legitimacy based on people's votes/Everyone must work towards eliminating unemployment/People's wishes voiced in elections must be addressed/Moderation the policy of gov't; adhering to extremes not fruitful

President Rouhani chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday and stressed the need to follow the policy of moderation by governor generals and all authorities in different management levels of the executive organs.

Wed 13 - September 2017 - 12:15

Stressing meritocracy, economic growth and sustainable employment, he wished the new governor generals of 7 provinces success in fulfilling their responsibilities, adding: "Accepting a responsibility like governor general, who is the highest-ranking governmental official in provinces, is undoubtedly a heavy responsibility".

"Our legitimacy comes from people's votes, that means 24 million votes are considered the legitimacy of the administration and 42 million others indicate the legitimacy of our Islamic system," continued Dr Rouhani.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "People voiced their wishes and demands during the elections in various circles and gatherings and we must pay more attention to these demands in managing the provinces".

The 11th Administration is based on the policy of moderation, said Rouhani, adding: "Going to extremes will have no fruits for the people, except loss and detriment. The policy of moderation is the same policy that the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) always favoured and advised us to follow".

He also added that all officials at different levels of management must exercise moderation, saying: "Officials must also pay more attention to meritocracy and make sure that their choices are based on merits and they are not biased towards certain ethnic groups, friends or acquaintances".

Stressing economic growth and employment, the President said: "According to the figures of the first three months of the current year, we have been on the right track, therefore we must attempt to have a tangible economic growth in the country".

"Production and economic prosperity in provinces must rely on the provinces' own potentials and governor generals can remove the obstacles to show the best performance in attracting investment and crating employment and economic growth," the President added.

DR Rouhani also said: "Today, we need capital and technology for development and governor generals can remove the obstacles and attract investment from the private sector and Iranians residing outside the country, as well as foreign investment to make this happen more quickly".

On the importance of sustainable employment, he said: "In this regard, the administration will spare no effort but the main achievement of governor generals is to use the private sector and the people".

He also stressed that the young and women must be a priority and said: "Today, we have an atmosphere that our women are educated and have proved successful in management, science, and research and it is essential that we employ them at different management levels and compensate for the shortcomings of the past in this regard".

President Rouhani also wished the new governor generals of Qazvin, Alborz, Fars, Lorestan, South Khorasan, Hormozgan, and Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad success in serving the people of the provinces.

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