Tehran determined to deepen economic, cultural, political ties with Islamabad/Stressing the need for quick implementation of agreements/Improving border security beneficial to both nations

“Iran and Pakistan are two friend and brother countries, effective in the region, and Tehran is determined to deepen economic, cultural and political ties with Pakistan,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Khawaja Muhammad Asif.

Mon 11 - September 2017 - 19:01

In the meeting that was held on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani also referred to the potentials for development of relations between the two countries and said: “It is imperative that the authorities of the two countries strive to further cement relations and promote cooperation”.

On cooperation between the two countries in the field of combatting terrorism and border security, he said: “Beefing up security in the borders and turning them into economic and trade borders and forming border markets will be beneficial for both nations and serve security and stability in the region”.

He also went on to underscore banking relations and cooperation between central banks of the two countries, expressing hope that relations grow day by day.

“Iran and Pakistan have close viewpoints in issues regarding the settlement of regional problems,” said the President adding that security and stability of the region is very important for Iran.

Issues of the countries of the region, including Afghanistan, cannot be resolved through foreign intervention and trans-regional powers, said Rouhani, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that it is merely countries of the region, especially Iran and Pakistan, who must cooperate to establish security, peace and stability in the region”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with countries of the region, including Pakistan in the field of combatting terrorism, peace, stability and security in the region,” Dr Rouhani continued.

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Khawaja Muhammad Asif described the two countries’ relations positive and stressed Pakistan’s will to deepen, cement and develop its relations with Iran in all fields of mutual interest.

Regional issues do not have military solution, he said, adding: “Resolving issues of the countries of the region require regional solutions, particularly including Iran, and any action by outsiders cannot settle the issues”.

“Today, the countries of the region are under threat of terrorism and attempting to achieve a strategic, regional solution is very important,” Asif continued.

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