Settling human issues possible through science, technology/10-year educational cooperation document to be discussed/Human catastrophe, ethnic elimination underway in Myanmar; Islamic world cannot keep quiet

President Rouhani left Tehran for Astana, Kazakhstan on Saturday to attend the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit on Science and Technology.

Sat 09 - September 2017 - 15:25

President was seen off at Mehrabad Airport by First Vice-president Dr Jahangiri and Advisor to the Supreme Leader in International Affairs Dr Velayati.

Before leaving for Astana, Dr Rouhani told reporters at Mehrabad Airport: “Eid al-Ghadeer is the day of continuation of the path of guidance and the Prophet of Islam introduced Eid al-Ghadeer to Muslims as guiding path for humanity future”.

“The theme of the Astana summit is science and technology and this is while the issues of today’s world, such as poverty, employment, food security, environment, water and energy can be settled only through science and technology,” he added.

He went on to say: “Some of the Islamic countries attending this summit, in particular Iran, are key forerunners of science and technology in past centuries and Iran has been the forerunner of science before Islam and the Islamic civilisation”.

“This is the first summit that is being held in the field of science and technology among Islamic countries, in which the 10-year document of 2026 will be discussed and, within its framework, educational cooperation in the Islamic World, settling the issues of Islamic countries and use of potentials of Islamic countries will be determined,” the President added.

He also referred to the cooperation in the field of knowledge, modern technologies and practical sciences will be discussed in the summit, adding: “In this document, the issue of megaprojects and cooperation among Islamic countries in carrying out big projects will also be discussed”.

On the cooperation between top universities of the Islamic World and technological interaction of the Islamic World with the world, he added: “We hope this summit becomes a good base for better cooperation among Islamic countries in the field of science and technology”.

The situation in Myanmar will also be discussed in this summit, said the President continuing: “Today in Myanmar, a great human catastrophe and ethnic, ideological elimination is underway and hundreds of thousands of Muslims are displaced in this region and the Islamic World cannot stay silent about this”.

He also slammed international organisations and communities’ silence about these crimes in Myanmar and said: “Pressures on the government and army of this country must increase and international organisations work more in this regard. Neighbours of this country such as China and Bangladesh must also help the displaced”.

We will also have bilateral meetings with heads of Islamic states, Rouhani added, saying: “In these meetings, we will discuss bilateral relations and development of ties”.

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