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President in a cabinet session:

Al-Ghadeer event accepted by all Muslims, the torch of guidance/Any time Shia, Sunni stood by each other, they prevailed Zionism, terrorism/Myanmar gov't must stop brutal crimes against Muslims/No difference between Myanmar Muslims, others in world/Intimidations must be eliminated/Iran calls for security in region, Korean peninsula, Asia

President Rouhani chaired the meeting of the cabinet on Wednesday and said: "Al-Ghadeer even is accepted by all Muslims and it is the torch of guidance for all Muslims".

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Wed 06 - September 2017 - 14:46

"The message of al-Ghadeer is a new torch for the guidance of the mankind and Muslims after the passing of the Great Prophet of Islam (SA)," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to the economic conditions of the country, he mentioned the 7% economic growth in the first three months of the current year and described it as a sign of progress and development in the country, adding: "This year's economic growth, provided that it continues with the same trend as the three past months, promises a 6 or 7-percent growth at the end of the year".

 "Our country's growth in economy during last years was rare or unparalleled and we hope that this year, our economic growth in the region and even the world continued and we can create employment for our young generation," the President added.

He also went on to say: "In Iraq, when Shias and Sunnis stand together, they can liberate Talafar and in Syria, they liberate Aleppo, breaking the siege of Deir ez-Zor. It is by this unity that in Lebanon, Arsal is liberated".

"When Shias and Sunnis stand together in the Palestinian issue, we see that they win over Zionist Regine and when they stand together in Lebanon's resistance, both Gaza and Lebanon's Resistance achieved victory," he continued saying.

Referring to the problems in the Islamic world and the need to resolve them by negotiation and dialogue, Dr Rouhani said: "Today, Yemen needs unity to solve its problems, and fanning separation between Yemeni groups and tribes and bombing the country is inappropriate. We must invite all groups to unity to decide for themselves for the future of their country".

Emphasising that stability and security in the region and the Muslim world require unity, President said: "Why southern neighbours should constantly buy weapons from the West and launch arms race in the region, while these weapons are not definitely for fighting the enemy, which is the Zionist Regime?"

The president emphasised that in today's world relations, the element of threat should be removed, and said: "Today, North Korea has chosen the current course for its existence and against the threats. Washington is constantly threatening North Korea, and in return, it is testing new bombs".

Dr Rouhani said: "Threats against countries that possess nuclear weapons are a very dangerous game for the whole world, so we believe that in this area, problems should be negotiated".

Referring to the security of the Korean Peninsula and the whole continent of Asia and the region as important for Iran, the president mentioned the killing of Muslims in Myanmar, saying: "In Myanmar, the Muslim people are suffering and hundreds of thousands were displaced, and many were killed in a way that some bodies and many houses have been burnt down".

 Dr Rouhani emphasised that there is no difference between the people of Myanmar and other Muslims in the world, adding: "As a Muslim and revolutionary country, we feel responsible towards the oppressed even if they are not Muslims, and we invite the government of Myanmar, to prevent the brutal crimes against Muslims and ask the neighbouring and Muslim countries to help the displaced people in Myanmar".

"We also ask the United Nations to carry out its task and responsibility in this regard, and in the Islamic world, they should help the people of Myanmar both politically and deliver humanitarian help. In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran and especially the Red Crescent Society of Iran are ready to take the necessary assistance in the field of housing and caring people affected by the conflict," added Rouhani.

news id: 100552

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