If it weren't for martyrs' devotion, nothing would be left of revolution/Rajai taught us that jihadi working means working until there's work to do/Treasury belongs to people; working less holds one accountable to God, people/People mustn't be humiliated, kept waiting in offices/E-gov't, transparency key

President Rouhani addressed the 13th Shahid Rajai Festival on Wednesday and said: "If it weren't for martyrs' devotion, nothing would be left of the Revolution and the country".

Wed 30 - August 2017 - 18:35

At the event that was held under the theme of "Development and Progress of Islamic Iran through Unity and National Dignity under Freedom, Security and Peace", Dr Rouhani added: "Being like Rajai, Bahonar, Beheshti and Motahari is not easy".

Mentioning that in the Sacred Defence era, people's blood was shed alongside members of the parliament, ministers and Friday prayer Imams in fronts, he said: "This indicates our country and nation's greatness".

"People and authorities' integrity was the main reason why all conspiracies were thwarted," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to Bahonar and Rajai as prominent figures of the government and administration, he said: "Rajai taught us that jihadi working means working until there's work to do".

He added: "Those who work in administrative organs must work in a way that every day they go to work, they do something for their afterlife alongside their responsibilities".

"According to the constitution, management of administrative, financial and recruitment affairs of all public sectors is handled directly by the President," Dr Rouhani continued, adding: "The President is responsible for the implementation of all principles of the constitution".

"Therefore, if anyone wants to increase salaries, it is the president who must allow that because the full responsibility of the treasury is with the President. Treasury belongs to people; working less holds one accountable to God and people".

People are the true owners of this land, said the President adding: "People have directly or indirectly chosen us for different posts in a way that the Supreme Leader, the President, members of the parliament and the Assembly of Experts, representatives of the councils and even ministers are chosen by people's vote".

Authorities' religious and legal legitimacy comes from people's votes, the president said, adding: "If we do not serve people, then our authority is illegitimate".

Stating that people mustn't be humiliated and kept waiting in offices, he said: "If even a person is kept waiting for a second, we must all be accountable to God".

He also went on to say: "E-government and transparency are the basic requirements for carrying out affairs in a healthy manner. Citizens' rights is founded on justice, transparency and respecting the people".

Dr Rouhani also referred to the need to address the shortcomings of the administrative systems and implementation of citizens' rights in executive organs.

On the need to design an accurate monitoring system, he said: "This must be a priority for us in executive organs".

Stressing that the youth, women and ethnic groups and religions must be appointed to management positions, he said: "Anyone who pays taxes and goes to military service, must enjoy their citizen rights".

"Monopoly is the biggest threat for any sector. People work better in competitive conditions," the President went on to say.

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