President salutes families of administration martyrs, top organs

President Rouhani acknowledged the families of martyrs of the administrative branch and the top organs at Shahid Rajai Festival.

Wed 30 - August 2017 - 18:20

The 13th Shahid Rajai Festival was held at Summit Hall on Wednesday with the theme of "Development and Progress of Islamic Iran through Unity and National Dignity under Freedom, Security and Peace".

In the ceremony, the President saluted the families of 5 martyrs of the administrative branch, Mohammad Javad Tondgooyan, Sayyid Mousa Namjoo, Mousa Kalantari, Mahmoud Qandi and Hassan Abbaspour.

The President also praised Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Organization, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, National Tax Administration, Communication Regulatory Authority Organization, Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, Welfare Organization and the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration were the ten top organs that were saluted.

President is set to address the 13th Shahid Rajai Festival.

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