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President in a live televised interview:

We know the path; we are hopeful/Returning to integrated sanctions not possible; world’s view of Iranians changed/People feel more peace, security/We must take steps for environmental, water issues; we are more experienced/The youth capable of a great development

President Rouhani appeared in a live televised interview and described the 12th Administration’s policies in economic, social, cultural and political fields, speaking to the Iranian nation about the most important issues of the day in Iran, region and the world.

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Tue 29 - August 2017 - 22:24

In the interview that took place late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani congratulated Administration Week and commemorated martyrs Bahonar and Rajaee and said: “I hope we can all be good servants for the great Iranian nation, who created a point in history in the latest election”.

“People said they won’t go back to previous conditions; conditions are set for completing the 11th Administration’s plans and programmes,” added Dr Rouhani saying: “I appreciate the 11th Administration ministers’ hard work”.

I am happy that our society is sensitive to the rights of the youth and women, said Rouhani adding: “I have ordered that women and the youth be appointed in management posts”.

He also said that if we have no way other than unity and interaction to reach our goals, adding: “If we are to have vast interaction with the world, we need to have vast interaction inside our country”.

The president also said: “Today, the people are less concerned about inflation, high unemployment rate and nuclear negotiations. Of course, this does not mean than these problems have been fully resolved. But we know the path and we are more hopeful than the 11th Administration”.

He continued: “The type of issues has changed compared to the past and some problems have shrunk. For instance, in the nuclear issues when the 11th Administration started its term, the plan was to decrease oil production every few months and sanctions intensify but today, the sanctions are broken and I believe that returning to integrated sanctions is not possible and Iran’s international conditions have changed completely”.

People feel more peace and security in economic issues, said the President adding: “In domestic and foreign policies people feel more peace and, in general, there is more feeling of security in the society. But some problems may have intensified, such as water and draught, which we need to take steps for environmental and water issues based on our more experience”.

Referring to criticisms in new circles about the younger cabinet of the 12th Administration compared to the previous one, and the role of women in the cabinet, he said: “I am very happy that today, our society is more sensitive towards the youth and women and the public opinions is completely right. The youth are capable of marking a great development”.

“Our dear people must know that to increase employment, there is no way other than improving business atmosphere, unity and integrity and investment. We need to provide security for investment and invite all domestic and foreign investors, as well as Iranians residing overseas to return to the country. Of course, good steps have been taken in this regard and after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), our foreign investment stand on $13bn”.

Stressing the need to reform the banking system, President Rouhani also said: “If we want to attract investment from inside and outside and have a sizeable increase in tourism and employment, a part of this is banks. Banks must step in and one of the important measures of the 12th Administration is to reduce banking interests”.

Answering a question about his evaluation about the US President’s behaviour, he said: “This is a hard question. Americans themselves and their politicians cannot answer that. Even Mr Trump’s fellow Republicans cannot answer that. The US policy is a shaky one and currently, there is no framework for their domestic, foreign and economic policies and even towards their neighbours and allies. This can be in our interest in that the US is experiencing the hardest time in building consensus against Iran”.

“During the past decades, whenever the US wanted to form consensus against us, he has been able to do something against Iran with the help of the European Union and its friends and allies. But today, this is not possible for the US. Thus we can say that America is experiencing the hardest time and Iran is having the best conditions. One example is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which we can see how US allies, which is the EU, approach it”.

He added: “The 28 countries that form the EU are explicitly announcing that they are committed to the JCPOA. The President of France announced yesterday that there is no way other than the nuclear agreement and the JCPOA. Therefore, we are in conditions today that we can be sure and we will continue along this path”.

“Of course, if the other side, including the US, violates its commitments, we will respond to that. The US is experiencing the hardest time and this is not just a slogan. In conditions that the US is threatening foreign banks, they are giving us $10bn credit. Despite US threats, a European company strikes a five-billion-dollar oil and gas contract with us. This means that these threats do not work. The United States have a lot of issues inside, coupled with issues in the East and West Asia and even with the EU”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: “We will not be the first to violate the agreement, but at the same time, we will not stand still if the other side does”.

 “Our commitment is clear for the world. We made promises regarding NPT, Safeguards, the Additional Protocol and the JCPOA and we have no other commitment. It is regulations that determines our relations with the IAEA, not US pressure. I don’t think that the IAEA does anything under US pressure but if, hypothetically, this happens, we will not accept anything by force”.

He continued: “From the beginning of the nuclear issues, our behaviour towards the IAEA has been good and whenever the IAEA reported about Iran, the reports have been based on the fact that Iran has good relations with the IAEA and today, after the implementation of the JCPOA, every report by the IAEA has been based on the fact that Iran has had good cooperation within the framework of its commitments”.

Answering a question about the 12th Administration’s policy towards regional relations and relations with Iran’s neighbours, he said: “Foreign policy in today’s world is on the one hand not fair and moral and based on regulations, and on the other hand, today’s world is in an atmosphere of dialogue and interaction”.

We want to have friendly relations with our neighbours, said the President, adding: “Animosity is to our and their detriment. We have always sought a win-win situation”.

Iran has good relations with all its neighbours, except for three countries, and two of these countries, Emirates and Bahrain, are related to Saudi Arabia, added Rouhani, saying: “What we want is that if there is any issue between us, it must be resolve through dialogue”.

Referring to Iranian pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage, he said: “We believe that this pilgrimage is a good sign to see how we can resolve issues with Saudi Arabia. If our pilgrims come back satisfied and Saudi Arabia acts within the framework of religious and international regulations, I believe we would have better conditions to settle any issue”.

“Of course, our problem with Saudi Arabia is not only an Iran-Saudi issue, but rather Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen and helping terrorist groups that we hope they have reached the understanding that this path does not work and they need to leave the Yemeni issue to the people of that country”.

He continued: “Terrorism is a threat to everyone and they must not help it. If these two issues are resolved, I think there is no major issues between us and Saudi Arabia”.


news id: 100421

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