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President in the first session of the 12th cabinet:

I thank Majlis chairman, representatives for showing coordination, trust in administration/Our legitimacy contingent on serving people/People's vote contingent on moderation, fulfilling promises/Administration has no duty above production, employment

President chaired the first session of the cabinet of the 12th Administration on Sunday and described people's vote to the administration contingent upon moderation and fulfilling promises, stressing that the administration's legitimacy is contingent on serving people.

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Sun 20 - August 2017 - 18:07

"The administration has no responsibility more important than production and employment and strong growth and economic development is not possible without cooperation and attracting investment and technology," continued the President.

He also referred to the recent presidential elections and said: "People created a point in history with their massive turnout in the election and this is an honour for the history and the Iranian nation".

"In the recent election, all factions and groups voiced their demands loudly," said Rouhani adding that after the election, another glorious meeting was the inauguration ceremony that can be named a record in Iran's political history.

"In conditions that our enemies were trying to describe Iran an isolated country, people and authorities of other countries rejected this incorrect claim with their attendance in large numbers," he added.

The president also said: "In the last step of forming the 12th Administration, the Majlis discussed and investigated the qualifications of the ministers and proponents and opponents voiced their opinions in a very open, cordial atmosphere which is very important".

"With their unanimous vote of confidence, the Islamic Consultative Assembly proved that it is in full coordination with the administration and this shows that the members of the parliament trust the administration's path," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: "Of course, all our people demand more effort and attempt and these efforts will be exerted in the 12th Administration".

Appreciating the chairman and representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the President said: "The Administrative and Legislative branches are both the result of people's votes and will and gain their political and legal legitimacy from people's votes".

"It is a very great honour that the Almighty has given us this opportunity to serve the people and if we can solve even one person's problem, it is very valuable," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "People expressed their demands and priorities in the election with their high turnout and our legitimacy comes from the fact that we must respond correctly and accurately to their rightful demands".

"People's vote is contingent on the implementation and fulfilling of our promises to them and we are religiously and legally responsible to fulfil our promises," Dr Rouhani continued.

He added: "We have promised people that our path will be moderation and that we will create jobs for their children and today, we are responsible to make these promises realised".

The administration has no duty above production and employment, said Rouhani adding that these demand hard work and all organs must help each other and collaborate in this regard.

"We must make a great development in the process of creating employment with the help of foreign and domestic investment and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is at the forefront of investment in the country, not to mention that the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank also have a high responsibility in this regard," he continued.

Dr Rouhani went on to say: "We believe that if we want our country to see progress, we require that all media work with the administration and we all must know that we are members of one family and it is important that we work together joining hands to make our causes realised".

news id: 100321

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