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President at the parliament:

Everybody must get involved for employment, serving people/ 12th Administration beyond fundamentalism, reformism, moderationism; it will persist on fundamentals, reform, moderation/We demand decisive confidence vote to all 17 ministers/Big steps ahead; boosting employment a priority for gov't

President Rouhani took part in a Majlis session held for parliament's vote of confidence to the minsters of the 12th Administration and said: "The Administration and the Majlis are carrying the great responsibility of demands of the great, brave Iranian nation".

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Sun 20 - August 2017 - 11:04

Speaking on Sunday in Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament) open chamber, Dr Rouhani said: "The Islamic Consultative Assembly were busy with discussing the qualifications of the proposed ministers during the past five days and we witnessed parliament's professional work in investigating the qualifications of the proposed ministers of the 12th Administration".

"The Administration and the Majlis are carrying the great responsibility of demands of the great, brave Iranian nation," said Rouhani adding that the parliament has always acted by the law and legal and moral principles, especially in this term.

He added: "We all know that we are not in optimum conditions and the path ahead of us is not clear. In the current conditions of the world, this path is not clear for Europe, America, Asia and other continents, let alone in our turbulent region and the problems and issues left from the past for all of us".

Stating that the entire budget of the administration is about $79bn, he said: "Due to issues from the past, we deposited roughly $10m to pension funds last year… If we want to settle the government's debts to the private sector, contractors, banks and the Central Bank, among other debts, nothing is left; so we have no easy way ahead of us".

"The Almighty has given us this opportunity to serve people and this is one of our greatest honours," said the President adding: "In hardest times of the budget deficit, we had the opportunity to help the people and issues of the region".

Dr Rouhani also called on people's representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly to help and support the ministers just like what they are responsible for when they monitor ministers for carrying out their responsibilities right".

Describing representatives' constructive criticism, President Rouhani said: "We welcome criticism and suggestions by proponents and opponents".

"We will use criticisms to amend the programmes and plans," he said, adding that the administration worked hard and did its best to make the best choices for ministers of the 12th Administration's cabinet.

We demand decisive vote of confidence of the MPs to all 17 ministers, added Rouhani saying: "I do not want to say that the ministers introduced are flawless; neither of us are flawless but we tried the make the best choices using all our efforts".

Underscoring that meritocracy was the base for choosing the ministers, he said: "The 12th Administration is beyond fundamentalism, reformism, and moderationism but it will continue to persist on fundamentals, reform, and moderation".

He also added: "The Supreme Leader stressed that the administration begin its work as soon as possible and this shows that we have heavy responsibilities on our shoulders.

"We have big steps ahead and boosting employment is a priority for the administration," said the President adding that everybody must get involved for increasing employment and serving people.

He also underscored that to boost employment, there is a need for investment and technology, adding: "Attracting investment and technology from inside and outside are essential for a boost in employment".

"We need modern technologies for developing domestic social networks," said the President, adding that domestic technologies must be strengthened.

He also said that development in the country is no possible without non-oil exports. He added: "We cannot always rely on oil incomes, but rather we must increase our exports and bring foreign currency to the country".

"If we want to use our oil resources correctly and boost gas and oil resources, we need technology and investment," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The President also went on to say: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must stand against the US and those who are against Iran's national interests".

He added: "No country has made any advancement in isolation; economic activities are one of the priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the new term of office".

news id: 100257

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