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President Rouhani appeared in the Majlis chamber on Tuesday to defend his choices for ministers of the 12th cabinet.

Tue 15 - August 2017 - 09:00

Appreciating people's informed attendance in the recent presidential elections, Dr Rouhani said: "People guaranteed national security with their informed attendance in the elections".

"I also appreciate the brave, wise Supreme Leader who has always supported our country's independence, people's freedom, and supporting the administration," the President added.

He also appreciated the parliament and all its members, saying: "We thank the Islamic Consultative Assembly; inauguration ceremony was a symbol of empathy among all pillars of the system".

"I am committed to realisation of the programmes of the 12th Administration and defending people's rights," said Rouhani, stressing the motto of the 12th Administration which is "Freedom, Peace, Security and Progress".

He also said: "Here, the role of people's representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly is very determining and important. The President and people's representatives have a common responsibility to make people's wishes realised".

"Ministers that will carry the burden of responsibility of running and managing the country must be sure that they will enjoy Majlis' support," added the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also went on to say: "Today, no one can speak about Iran's isolation and global coalition against Iran; today, no one speaks about turmoil in 40% inflation in Iran, reduction in national production and unemployment".

Economic reform depends on people's support said Rouhani, adding: "In the 12th Administration, we will work on reforming structures".

"Instead of relying on oil, we must rely on sustainable resources," said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that the 12th Administration will work towards comprehensive system of income tax.

On the plans to reform the education and health systems, the President also said: "We will motivate the private sector and receive services from them".

People need to see the administration and the government start reducing expenses from within themselves, Rouhani continued, saying: "The capital of the banks will increase to reach global standards".

Stressing that the country needs to reform ways of social support, he added: "Unconditional support will turn into conditional, timely support".

Referring to priorities in the 12th Administration foreign policy, he said: "The 11th Administration's foreign policy was to increase interaction with the world in maintain Iranians' dignity. In doing so, Iran's nuclear case was one of the most complicated issues of the country that bore fruit through national consensus and the Supreme Leader's support".

"Today, a new chapter in Iran's foreign policy has started. Iran considers the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as neither a threat to any country nor surrendering to any power; but rather a win-win and balanced agreement in the path of cooperation and confidence building with the world".

He also said: "The reason why the new US administration is seeking pretexts to violate their commitments, Iran's success in living up to its commitments and defending its rights and US failure are because of greed".

"Iran has lived up to its commitments and will monitor any violation by other sides of the agreement, responding accordingly to them. Those who are trying to return back to the language of sanction and threatening, are imprisoned in their own past illusions and are depriving themselves of the benefits of peace by making up enemies and promoting fear".

He also said: "Those who have been speaking about tearing up the JCPOA in recent months are accusing Iran of violating the spirit of the agreement. This is while the last 7 reports by the IAEA have verified that Iran has completely been working within the JCPOA".

"The world saw in the recent months that it is the United States of America, especially during Trump's term of office, which is ignoring international agreements from their commitments in the JCPOA to the Paris Agreement, agreements with Cuba, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), showing the world or even their allies that US is not a good partner and a trustable negotiation party," Rouhani added.

He also went on to say: "Throughout is glorious history, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always lived up to its international commitments and will continued to do so, but will defend the rights of the Iranian people against violations and lack of commitment".

Addressing the new US officials, the president also added: "They must know that it was the failed experience of sanction and imposition that took their previous administrations to the negotiating table and if they are willing to get back to those experiences, Iran will definitely return to a much more advanced state of the pre-negotiations era in a short time; it is just the matter of hours or days".

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the model for priority of peace and diplomacy over war and unilateralism. Although this is what the Islamic Republic of Iran prefers, it will not be its only choice," the President continued.

Dr Rouhani also added: "The full-of-tension region of West Asia is experiencing a very dangerous situation because of foreign intervention and the expansion of extremism and violence. Iran wants a secure, powerful, stable, and advanced region and considers regional cooperation in political, economic, cultural and security fields as the only way to achieve common goals and confront with internal disturbances imposed on the region".

"Instability in the region will have only two results: promotion of extremism and intensification of dependence. Iran considers violence by takfiri groups and trying to gain security through dependence on foreign powers the main challenge of security in the region and is willing and determined to seek peace and instability in the region with good will".

He added: "Regional issues have only regional solutions and Iran, as the harbour of stability, stretches its hand of friendship to neighbouring countries, calling for the establishment of peace and security".

The President then mentioned the 12th Administration's environmental programmes and said: "Amending water management and preventing soil erosion and air pollution are our main programmes in environment".

Stressing that regional achievements and attracting foreign investment are among the most important responsibilities of the foreign ministry, he said: "Apparently, some people's problems is not with Trump or the [US] Congress, but they have problems with the JCPOA itself".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also appreciated the previous ministers for their services and hard work, expressing hope that all ministers introduces to the Majlis get confident vote from the representatives.

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