Gov't members working with same spirit of 1st day/12th Administration to use all 11th cabinet members' capabilities/Progress only possible by moderation/Gov't seeks boosting social justice/Freedom, security, peace, progress base for 12th Administration's work

President Rouhani described peace in economy, economic progress and working towards social justice as an honour for the 11th Administration and said: "The 12th Administration will continue working towards the policy of "freedom, security peace and progress".

Sun 13 - August 2017 - 14:12

President Rouhani chaired the last meeting of the cabinet of the 11th Administration on Sunday and said: "I am very happy that our ministers, even those who are going to be replaced, are working with the same spirit and enthusiasm that they had the first day they started working".

Stating that when the 11th Administration started office, Iran had high inflation, he said: "If the same trend continued, we would sell 200,000 barrels of oil today and sanctions were pressuring people more than ever".

Today, we have peaceful environment in our universities, the President said. He also referred to the latest presidential election and said: "I don't think in any country people are allowed to take to the streets and speak their ideas this loud and clear".

He also said that tens of countries around the world were claiming that Iran does not have precise and real elections and said: "We held an election in which 500 foreign guests, including 130 high-ranking officials and representatives from 105 countries and international organisations, attended".

"This is while some countries want to introduce Iran as an isolated country but the world announced it with a loud voice that Iran is not isolated," President Rouhani continued.

He said: "A lot of efforts were made to reach an agreement and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and now, we have reached an agreement no one in the world cannot say it has been to Iran's detriment".

Stating that the US president and the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran consider the JCPOA as the worst agreement in US history, "What was –and is- important in JCPOA is a win-win agreement and there was never talk of a win-lose situation".

"There is no doubt that JCPOA is beneficial to the region and the entire world and anyone trying to undermine it has undermined themselves or their own country," said the President.

Dr Rouhani also said: "There was a time when the entire world were taking stances against Iran's actions, but now if the US wants to stand against JCPOA, the whole world will stand against US; this is the difference between today and four years ago".

He also described freedom, security, peace, ad progress as a base for 12th Administration's work, saying: "The administration seeks ways to increase social justice".

Today, we are witnessing more morality, ethics and moderation in the society, said Rouhani adding: "Progress is only possible through moderation".

President Rouhani also appreciated the members of the cabinet of the 11th Administration by giving them plaques of appreciation.

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