Iran willing to deepen scientific, economic, cultural ties with Senegal/Combatting terrorism requires cultural work

President Rouhani met with the Minister of Culture and Communication of Senegal, Mbagnick Ndiaye, and described Senegal as a significant country in West Africa and Iran's friend, saying: "For years, Presidents of Iran and Senegal have had constructive, fruitful meetings and our relations have always been good".

Mon 07 - August 2017 - 13:37

In the meeting that was held on Monday, Dr Rouhani also stated that combatting terrorism can be a common goal for Tehran and Dakar, saying: "Seeing that terrorism is active in our region and Africa, being able to attract some younger persons, indicates that there are shortcomings in cultural work".

"Countries like Iran and Senegal, with their long history in culture and Islam, can take necessary measures in promoting the merciful Islam and confronting extremist ideas," the President added.

He also said: "With regard to their close view in international issues, Iran and Senegal can cooperate and consult more in international communities".

During the same meeting, the Minister of Culture and Communication of Senegal, Mbagnick Ndiaye, also delivered Senegalese President's message of congratulations over President Rouhani's re-election and said that Senegal attaches great weight to its relations with Iran.

"You delivered a very good speech in your inauguration and pointed out key points about the importance of security and combatting extremism," he added.

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