Heads of branches meet, hosted by the President

The weekly meeting of the heads of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Islamic Republic of Iran was hosted by the President this evening.

President visits family of two Holy Defence martyrs

The President met separately with the parents and families of the martyrs Mohammad Fatehi Peykani and Ghazanfar Fatehi at their homes.

President makes unannounced visit to Tehran's Harandi neighbourhood/ Emphasis on improving the situation in deprived urban areas

The President made an unannounced visit to one of the deprived neighbourhoods of Tehran and closely examined the situation in conversations with the residents.

Cabinet's extraordinary meeting to review 1401 budget bill

The details, paragraphs and notes of the proposed 1401 budget bill were examined in a meeting held with the President and all members of the cabinet taking part.

President in a meeting with representatives of the disabled:

The law for the protection of the disabled must be implemented quickly and comprehensively/ Disability cannot stop human growth and excellence

Emphasising the need to address and resolve the problems of the disabled, the President said, "The law on the protection of the disabled must be implemented quickly, comprehensively and fully".

President at the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Economic stability, backing production, people's livelihood should be budget's main focus

Referring to the accuracy and seriousness of the cabinet members in reviewing and approving the budget bill notes in recent intensive meetings, the President said, "Economic stability, supporting producers and active participation of the private sector in the country's economy and ensuring people's livelihood should be the main focus of the budget bill for the year 1401".

Cabinet continues reviewing 1401 budget notes in two shifts on morning and afternoon

The details, paragraphs and notes of the proposed 1401 budget bill were examined in a meeting held with the President and all members of the cabinet taking part.

President felicitates Laos on National Day

The President sent a message to congratulate the government and people of Laos on the National Day of the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

President orders providing medicine to SMA patients/ Academic centres should review the effectiveness of the drug

The President visited the SMA patients' families and discussed with them their problems and concerns.

President condoles Ayatollah Seyyed Razi Shirazi's demise

The President expressed condolences on the passing of Ayatollah Seyyed Razi Shirazi, a philosopher, thinker, jurist and eminent instructor of the seminary of Tehran.

President after cabinet's confidence vote in new governor-general of North Khorasan:

North Khorasan needs development/ The province's capacities should be used well

After the cabinet's vote of confidence in the new governor-general of North Khorasan, the President said, "The capacities of this province should be used well for the development and improvement of the economic situation".

Supreme Economic Coordination Council stresses using gov’t idle resources in strengthening private sector investment

The Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the Heads of Branches emphasised, "The resources obtained from idle government resources should be leveraged to strengthen the private sector investment of all provinces and a part of it should be given to the executive bodies that transfer surplus assets and be spent only on investments in areas covered by the same oragns”.

President in the meeting of the government and the parliament:

Gov’t wants a 1401 budget without deficit, inflation / Emphasis on coordination between legislature and executive to draft budget

The President said, "The 1401 budget is the first important financial document to be submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly in this government. The government wants this budget to have no deficit and inflation and to include economic growth”.

With Ayatollah Raisi taking part;

Gov’t-Majlis meeting begins

The first meeting of the 13th government and the legislature began in the open court of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Parliament Day.