President in the meeting of Tehran Administrative Council:

Completion of semi-finished projects in Tehran is one of the government's priorities/ Development of Tehran's public transport fleet is one of the government's major concerns

Priorities, challenges and requirements for the development of the capital were discussed at a meeting of the Administrative Council of Tehran Province chaired by the President.

On the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Georgia;

Ayatollah Raisi felicitates Georgian President, people

In a message to his Georgian counterpart, the President congratulated the country on its national day.

Ayatollah Raisi at the National Congress of Cleric Martyrs in Qom:

The reason for the Arrogance's wrath against clerics in history was their lead in educating the population and fighting injustice

The President said that the reason why the Global Arrogance have always been angry with clerics throughout the history is that they took lead in the field of educating the population and fighting injustice. He said, "Doing this great job requires fear from God and clerics did not fear anything other than God in exercising what religion tells them".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasises in the cabinet meeting;

Mission to Department of Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address air pollution/ Emphasis on timely payment of money for the purchase of wheat from farmers

Referring to the increase in air pollution, the President called the health of the people a vital issue and said, "People cannot see such a situation every day, and therefore I urge the head of the Department of Environment and the Foreign Minister to negotiate with neighbouring countries, which are the source of these pollutants, without delay to resolve the issue".

At the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution chaired by Ayatollah Raisi;

The document of the transformation of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution approved / Integration of the path of activity and organisation of relations with the three branches amended in the document of the transformation of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

The transformation document of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, which has been compiled with a close look at the current capacities in the field of culture and considerations in various cultural fields and with a deep understanding of the country's cultural and social conditions, influenced by new technologies, transnational culture and global communication was approved.

President in an interview with the Omani National TV:

The highest Iranian-Omani capital is mutual trust/ Iran, Oman eager to consolidate the level of bilateral cooperation in various fields / The late Sultan Qaboos took effective and lasting steps in strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries

In an interview with the Omani National TV, the President stressed that the greatest Iranian-Omani capital is mutual trust, saying, "The best economic, social and cultural will be achieved through bilateral, regional and international cooperation between the two countries".

Emphasised in today's meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board;

Removing barriers and providing infrastructure to facilitate foreign trade with countries in the region / Issuing licenses to facilitate the import and supply of basic goods required by the country

In order to achieve the government's goals of providing basic goods and their abundance and storage, the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board issued the necessary permits to facilitate the import and supply of basic goods needed by the country.

Ayatollah Raisi upon arrival from trip to Oman:

We had constructive talks with Omani authorities to cement ties/ The current volume of trade relations between Iran and Oman is far from the diverse capacities in the two countries

Referring to the signing of 13 cooperation documents between Iran and Oman, Dr Raisi said, "Despite the doubling of the volume of trade between the two countries from $700 million to $1.3 billion, this level of trade interaction is far from the various capacities that exist in the two countries".

Discussed in the meeting of the President of Iran and the Sultan of Oman;

President Raisi: Oman is an honest and reliable friend of Iran / Mutual political trust between Tehran and Muscat entered a new phase today / Sultan of Oman: We extend our hand of friendship to the neighbouring and brotherly Iran

In a conversation, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultan of Oman, referred to the serious will of the two countries to expand relations and interactions, stressing that the volume of trade relations between Tehran and Muscat is not commensurate with the level of political relations and capacities of the two sides.

Ayatollah Raisi among Iranians living in Oman:

We feel responsible towards all Iranians abroad/ The ground for safe investment is guaranteed by capital and profit in Iran

"Iranians all over the world are the country's capital and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran feels responsible towards them," the President said, stating that Iranians abroad care about Iran.

The joint statement of Iran and Oman emphasises;

Tehran and Muscat's decisions to develop cooperation and open new chapters of economic partnership/ Emphasis on the positive and constructive role of the two countries' private sector in increasing the volume of investment and trade

At the end of Ayatollah Raisi's visit to Oman, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman emphasised in a joint statement, "This visit took place based on strong historical ties between two friendly nations and aims to strengthen lasting bilateral relations and mutual respect between the leaders and nations, which has strengthened the principles of religion, brotherhood and good neighbourliness".

To mark the end of his one-day visit;

Ayatollah Raisi arrives in Tehran from Muscat

The President arrived in Tehran from Muscat after a one-day visit to Oman and meeting with the Sultan of the country.

To mark the end of his one-day visit;

Ayatollah Raisi leaves Muscat for Tehran

The President left Muscat for Tehran after a one-day visit to Oman and meeting with the Sultan of the country.

Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with Dy PM of Oman:

Common religious, belief grounds of the people of Iran and Oman have been linked for centuries/ Iran can be a good choice for the people of Oman in the field of health, medicine

Emphasising that the various neglected capacities between Iran and Oman should be revived, the President noted, "The amount of trade, transportation and economic cooperation between Tehran and Muscat, especially in the field of energy and transit of goods, can certainly increase".