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In a telephone call with the French president:

Dr Raisi: Sending a comprehensive team to Vienna shows Iran's serious will in the negotiations/ Those who started violating the JCPOA should gain the trust of the other side/ Macron: We are determined to conclude the negotiations

In a telephone call, Emmanuel Macron spoke with Ayatollah Raisi about the joint fight against coronavirus, regional cooperation and nuclear talks.

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Tue 30 - November 2021 - 08:11

In this telephone conversation, the President of France called for joint cooperation on the new variant of coronavirus, which was welcomed by the President of Iran.

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said in the phone call, "Iran has always adhered to its commitments on the nuclear issue and the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed Iran's adherence."

"Those who violated the deal should be asked why they did not fulfil their obligations? And we reaffirm that we are committed to our commitments” he said.

Referring to the start of negotiations for the lifting of sanctions, the President said, "Sending a comprehensive team to the negotiations shows the serious will of Iran in these negotiations."

Dr Raisi called on the French President to work with other countries in Vienna to conclude negotiations and lift sanctions on Iran.

The President emphasised, "Sanctions have not been able to stop Iran on the path of progress, and today the whole world knows who the violators of the JCPOA are and they must return to their obligations”.

Ayatollah Raisi stressed, "The current situation is the result of the Americans and Europeans not fulfilling their obligations in JCPOA."

Referring to the recent visit of the Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency to Tehran and his announcement that Iran adheres to its nuclear obligations, the President said: "The Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency in Iran did not say anything about Iran's non-compliance and we are ready to continue our full cooperation with the Agency".

Dr Raisi emphasised, “Those who have started violating the JCPOA, should gain the trust of the other side so that the negotiations can proceed in a real and fruitful way".

Referring to his conversation with the head of Iran's negotiating team in Vienna and the clear prospects for resolving the issue, the president said, "If the Americans lift the sanctions and the Europeans live up to their commitments, do not worry about fulfilling Iran's commitments. Because we have shown many times in practice that we are committed to our commitments".

Ayatollah Raisi reiterated, "Iran is result-oriented in the negotiations and the talks should lead to the lifting of sanctions."

The President said, "If you believe in the International Atomic Energy Agency as a reference, the same IAEA has repeatedly stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has complied with its nuclear obligations."

Dr Raisi called on the President of France to work for the lifting of the oppressive sanctions and the fulfilment of the commitments made by the Americans and the Europeans.

In another part of his speech, referring to the widespread vaccination in Iran, the President said, "Considering the news about the new variant of coronavirus, everyone should be careful and use previous experiences to deal with it."

Regarding the domestic production capacity of corona vaccine, Dr Raisi said, "We have imported vaccines from different countries, especially China, to control corona, and now we are increasing the production of vaccines in domestic companies."

Referring to US human rights abuses in preventing medical equipment from entering Iran, the president said, "We were able to produce vaccines using domestic power and overcome medical shortages."

Ayatollah Raisi also referred to the vaccination of foreign nationals, including Afghan immigrants, and said, "Iran provides medical services to immigrants like our own citizens based on our humanitarian duties."

"We consider the JCPOA our common responsibility and I have always tried to get all parties back to the deal framework," French President Emmanuel Macron said in the phone call condemning the US withdrawal from the JCPOA.

Macron added, "I have had talks with US President Biden in this regard and we are determined to continue the talks to reach a result."

In the end, the French president stated, “France wants to continue talks with Iran to make progress in resolving issues”.

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