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President during a meeting with Iranians living in Turkmenistan:

Investment of Iranians living abroad should be facilitated/ We seek to develop relations with all countries, especially neighbouring countries and the region

The President said that the government feels responsible for Iranians abroad, adding, "Iranians living abroad are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran and our country's embassies around the world should facilitate their travel, employment and investment in Iran".

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Sun 28 - November 2021 - 08:52

Speaking on Saturday night during a meeting with Iranians living in Turkmenistan at the Iranian embassy in Ashgabat, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the connection of Iranians living abroad with the culture, customs, traditions and ancient Iranian Islamic civilisation must be maintained.
He added, "Good conditions should be provided for Iranians residing outside the country for the continuous and permanent communication with Iranians inside the country and proved the ground for their attraction, employment and investment in the country”.
The President noted, "Iranians living abroad are ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran and represent the culture and civilisation of Islamic Iran and a great nation that has stood up to hegemony for more than forty years”.
Referring to the cultural, historical, and religious common grounds of the two nations of Iran and Turkmenistan, the President said, "Iran and Turkmenistan have more than friendship and brotherhood, kinship and heart, ideological, cultural and civilisational relations with each other".
Referring to the devotion and belief of the people of Turkmenistan to Imam Reza (AS) and their love for Islam and Islamic civilisation, the President said, "Iranians living in Turkmenistan also represent the culture, civilisation and religiosity of the Iranian people and it is necessary that our country's cultural advisors introduce Iranian civilisation and the deep ties between the two nations of Iran and Turkmenistan”.
Emphasising that the government seeks to develop relations with all countries, especially neighbouring countries and the region, the President said, "We believe that the current level of relations and cooperation between our country and neighbouring countries, including Turkmenistan in various economic, cultural and political sectors is not enough and the level of these relations and cooperation can be increased in all areas”.
Ayatollah Raisi added, "Neighbouring countries and the region are interested and trust in Iranian services and products, and we must take advantage of this capacity properly".
Referring to the areas of development and improvement of Iran-Turkmenistan relations, the President said, "The two countries have great potential for the development of relations in various fields, especially oil and gas, energy and transit, and we are determined to increase the level of our cooperation in all these arenas as much as possible”.
Referring to his relatively detailed talks with the President of Turkmenistan at Ashgabat Airport, Dr Raisi said, "In this long conversation, we emphasised the decision and will of both sides to expand and develop relations as much as possible, and we are determined to facilitate this path”.
The President said, "With the new perspective that has emerged in our country today, I hope we can take steps to grow and develop our country's relations with the region and neighbouring countries, as well as the flourishing of existing capacities in Iran".
Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "It is easy to double the share of our country's exports in the economic market of the region and about 40 to 50 billion dollars, and all capacities should be used to achieve this goal".

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