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President before leaving for Turkmenistan:

Iran's foreign policy priority to promote regional cooperation with neighbouring countries

The President described the promotion of cooperation with neighbouring countries and the region as one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said, "Attending the summit of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) can be effective in developing regional cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations with neighbouring countries”.

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Sat 27 - November 2021 - 18:13

Speaking on Saturday night before leaving for Turkmenistan to attend the 15th Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) on the objectives of the trip, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The summit will be held in Turkmenistan with the theme of ‘Let us be together for a better future’ measures taken in the ECO will be reviewed and decisions will be made to develop cooperation for the future”.
Emphasising the priority of developing regional cooperation with neighbouring countries, the President said, "We believe that the promotion of cooperation and economic relations is in the interest of the countries of the region".
Dr Raisi stressed, "The policy of relations with neighbours is one of the axes and priorities that we will always have a plan for and move towards its growth and promotion”.
The President added, "During this visit, bilateral meetings will also be held with the participating countries".
Ayatollah Raisi called the meeting with the President and high-ranking officials of Turkmenistan as one of his other plans for his visit to the country and said, "Iran and Turkmenistan have neighbourly relations and we will discuss important issues such as gas, transit and trade exchanges".

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