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President in a meeting with the Mayor and Deputy Mayors of Tehran:

Gov't backs municipalities to solve people's problems/ Perils of unsafe buildings such as Plasco in Tehran one of gov't concerns/ Emphasis on returning to the Iranian-Islamic architectural model

Emphasising that the citizens of Tehran should be protected from the dangers of faults and the unsafe nature of some buildings, the President said, "The existence of unsafe buildings such as Plasco in Tehran is one of the concerns of the government."

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Thu 25 - November 2021 - 20:43

Speaking in a meeting with the mayor and deputy mayors of Tehran on Thursday morning, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the determination of the municipality to serve the people, saying, "Individual and social health depends on the city and a healthy society and the role of a healthy city in the growth of the people, family, healthy communication and even the economy are important".
Expressing dissatisfaction with the existence of poverty, discrimination and injustice in a city like Tehran, the President said, "Something must be done to eliminate discrimination and injustice from society and with the realisation of social justice, conditions must be provided for social vitality".
Emphasising that society needs peace and social vitality, Dr Raisi said, "In a city like Tehran, where we see the visible and hidden layers of people's lives, the appearance and interior of the city should be based on a healthy lifestyle so that citizens have social vitality".
Referring to the disappearance of the principles of Islamic-Iranian architecture in the urban design of major cities, Dr Raisi said, "We have very good principles and foundations in Iranian-Islamic architecture, but unfortunately this architecture has been used less for many years".
Emphasising that green space is important for building the soul and psyche of human beings, Dr Raisi said, "Unfortunately, because the flow of profiteering in the country has turned housing into a commodity for profit, we are witnessing disorder and business in this area, and this situation must be resolved".
Ayatollah Raisi emphasised the activation of neighbourhoods and the social functions of neighbourhood councils, saying, "There is a definition of the relationship between the government and the municipality in the laws, but this relationship must be redefined and improved".
Regarding the role of promoting smart services in Tehran Municipality, the President said, "Smart and optimal use of electronic services can help solve people's problems, especially traffic".
Emphasising that the citizens of Tehran should be protected against the dangers caused by faults and the insecurity of some buildings, he said, "The construction system in Tehran should be monitored more carefully through the engineering system".
" The existence of unsafe buildings such as Plasco in Tehran is one of the concerns of the government," said the President.

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