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President at the cabinet meeting:

A fair payment system in the 1401 budget bill must be established/ Country's transformation document in 37 main issues to be announced soon

Referring to the intolerance of unconventional payments in the government and state-owned companies, the President called on the country's administrative and employment organisation to establish a fair payment system before the 1401 budget is finalised.

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Wed 24 - November 2021 - 11:21

Speaking on Wednesday morning in a meeting of the Council of Ministers, while commemorating Basij week and thanking the services of Basij members to all parts of the country, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Basij has taken good measures in housing, resistance economy and cyberspace and can do it for all sectors”.
Referring to the Basij's activities in the Martyr Soleimani Screening Scheme, the President said, "The role of the Basij is very effective and the Basij members are sincere and efficient forces, and using this capacity can make things more accurate and faster”.
Referring to the outbreak of coronavirus and the government's success in providing vaccines and public vaccination, Ayatollah Raisi said, "After the outbreak of coronavirus, the main issue for the government is people's livelihood, and the ministers should explain their actions in this regard to the people".
Regarding water problems in the provinces of Isfahan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Dr Raisi said, "The decisions that have been made in this regard should be followed up and the people should be told the result. The issue of drinking and agricultural water supply is important for the people”.
Appreciating the Acting Minister of Education for holding face-to-face school classes, the President said, “Students’ parents are also satisfied with holding face-to-face and online classes combined”.
Referring to the issue of unconventional salaries, Ayatollah Raisi clarified, "The salary has a limit, the limit of which should be determined for all people working in the government and state-owned companies, and no more than that amount should be paid. People do not expect to hear about the salaries of tens of millions, and astronomical salaries must end”.
In this regard, the President called on the Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organisation to formulate a system of fair payment of salaries and wages as soon as possible and before the finalisation of the 1401 budget.
The President stressed, "According to the law, some agencies may be allowed to set salaries for companies or government individuals, and measures should be taken in this regard as well. Unequal and unconventional payments are not tolerated by the government and state-owned companies”.
Emphasising the importance of a unanimity in the government, Dr Raisi said, "The government transformation document has been compiled on 37 main issues of the country, which will be announced soon".


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