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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones:

Free zones must return to their original goals/ These zones should become a hub for exports, production boom, financial relations instead of illegal imports

Referring to the vast capacities of free and special economic zones, the President called the very low statistics of non-oil exports from these zones worrying and said, "There should be a serious change in free and special trade and economic zones and these regions should return to their original goals".

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Sun 21 - November 2021 - 14:19

Speaking on Sunday in the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones in the 13th government, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised, "Free zones should become a hub of exports, production prosperity and financial relations".
"Free zones have a good capacity and opportunity to boost production, increase exports and create jobs, and the proximity of these areas to neighbouring countries can be used for exports," Dr Raisi said.
Emphasising on increasing the share of free zones in exports, the President said, "The share of exports should increase from 2% to at least 4%, and in this regard, free zones have an important role".
Dr Raisi stated that some free zones have moved away from production and exports and have become mainly centres of uncontrolled imports, noting, "Free zones should not be centres of uncontrolled imports of goods, especially goods similar to those produced in the country".
"Some free zones are by the sea and can play an important role in boosting the maritime economy," he added, adding, "As some European countries have much less connection with the sea than our country, but 50% of their GDP is done by sea".
Ayatollah Raisi stated, "Achieving an effective economic position requires leaps and bounds, and in this regard, attention to digital economy, cross-border communications and the prosperity of industry and tourism economy is very effective".
The President said, "I hope that in the new era, using all past experiences, different actions will be taken in the free zones and these zones will become a serious support for the country of entrepreneurs and production in the country and witness a serious leap towards important economic goals, resistance economy, production and increase non-oil exports".
In the end, Dr Raisi urged the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones to identify ways out of the obstacles to accelerate the development of free zones and to adopt and implement the necessary solutions in this regard.


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