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Ayatollah Raisi in a press conference at the end of his trip to Zanjan province:

Media should regularly and continuously follow the results of the implementation of provincial trip resolutions

At the end of his visit to Zanjan province on Thursday evening, the President explained the results and achievements of his one-day visit to the province in a press conference.

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Pointing out that he has followed some of the problems of the province during his visit as the head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The issue of zinc cake and wastes is people's concerns, which during my trip in 2019, I checked, and it was decided to take three measures: controlling the waste, locating and determining the ownership of this waste".
Dr Raisi thanked the measures taken to determine the ownership of this waste and said, "These three measures were implemented, but the necessary measures must be taken as soon as possible to turn this waste into wealth for the people".
Emphasising that any development is a subset of preserving the environment and preserving the lives of the people, the President stated, "Protecting the lives of the people is very important. Some reports indicate that this issue has been neglected. We want development and the necessary industries must be active, but our first task is to protect the environment and save human lives".
Referring to his explanations at the meeting of the Administrative Council about the change in the form of the meetings of this council, the President noted, "The points that you mentioned were among the things that the people conveyed to me".
Dr Raisi added, "Dear journalists, be sure to record the reports that the ministers gave in the meeting and follow up on them. One of the sections that should follow the travel resolutions and the statements of the ministers are the media themselves. For example, today it was mentioned that the national housing construction movement started in this trip and you should follow the results".
The President stated that if the semi-finished projects are not completed, there will be a lot of damage, saying, "Basically, one of the main issues of the 13th government is the issue of semi-finished projects. Of course, not all projects are semi-finished, but those that have priority are on the agenda".

Code: 132722

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