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Ayatollah Raisi at the Administrative Council of Zanjan Province:

Zanjan province has significant capacities that can be activated with a view to change and jihadi work

Referring to the high capacities of Zanjan province in the field of agriculture, mining, tourism and industry, the President said, "These capacities should be activated by the capable hands of provincial managers, but ordinary work cannot shape this transformation in any way, but must be done through jihadi work".

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Fri 19 - November 2021 - 08:06

Speaking on Thursday evening at the meeting of the administrative council of the province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "A lot of work has been done in Zanjan province, but it is different from what should be done".
Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "The capacity of the province is very high. Good work has been done in the fields of agriculture, mining, tourism and industry in this region, but Zanjan province can be a leader in these fields, which should be achieved by your capable managers and those who work in offices and organisations".
The President added, "Normal work cannot shape this change in any way, but jihadi work must be done. Many of you have been on the front lines during the time of the Holy Defence, and you know that it is not possible to deal with the restrictions that the enemy wants to impose with a normal job".
"With regard to the sanctions and threats, a special task must be done, of which a transformational view is the first condition," he said.
Pointing out that this government did not want to constantly repeat what it has inherited from the previous government, the President said, "We should not constantly complain to the people about the previous government. Today, people have found hope and expectation".
Ayatollah Raisi stated, "People's trust in us and in you is one of the greatest assets that the government has today. People's trust was damaged and today, thanks to God Almighty, this trust is being rebuilt".
Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis yesterday on addressing problems in a problem-oriented manner, Dr Raisi said, "We, as the government, are his addressees. Water is a central issue. Universities should work on the issue of water so that we can see how to make the best use of this existing capacity".
We have made more progress in areas where we have had more restrictions, he said, adding, "We have had more restrictions in the nuclear and military industries than in the non-nuclear and civilian industries. How come we excelled but we still have problems in other industries? It turns out that we have to work".
Stating that we have very good scientific abilities and capacities in the provinces, including Zanjan province, Ayatollah Raisi referred to holding a meeting with a number of the province's elites and said, "In this meeting, very valuable opinions were expressed. I had a lot of meetings with these elites, they said a lot of valuable points, and I asked them to provide us with these points in an organised way. These capacities must be considered".
Dr Raisi reiterated that Zanjan province has many capacities, noting, "Efforts should be made to make the mines of Zanjan province more active. Zanjan is a province full of mines. Also in the industrial field, parts of the province's industrial capacities are closed or semi-closed. Today, we visited factories in the province that can employ thousands of workers very quickly".
Ayatollah Raisi described the government's basic policy on water as the equitable distribution of water resources, which would be compatible with both water supply and water scarcity".
The President also referred to the plans of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to solve the transportation problems of the province.
Dr Raisi continued his speech by emphasising that the government should not only be sensitive to corruption, but should also be sensitive to the smell of corruption, saying, "People expect us all to be sensitive to the smell of corruption. That is, if we feel something is happening here, it must be sensitive to prevent it".

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