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Ayatollah Raisi visits zinc cake depot in Zanjan/ The benefits of wealth resulting from extraction of zinc waste should be given to people of Zanjan

Emphasising on the optimal use of the mineral and industrial complex of the zinc cake depot in Zanjan and taking a quick step to solve the problems of the unit, the President said, "The minerals of these wastes should be extracted and the benefits of this wealth should go to the people of Zanjan, but if this is not done, it will cause harm to the people".

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Thu 18 - November 2021 - 14:47

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi visited Zanjan Zinc Cake Depot on Thursday during his travel plans to Zanjan province, and while referring to the measures and follow-ups that he had done during his presidency over the Judiciary to solve the problem of zinc cake depot, saying, "The benefits of this waste is for the people and has been handed over to the people of Zanjan by law".
With the production of 80% of zinc ingots in the country, Zanjan is the first and largest producer of zinc ingots in the Middle East and the main export product of the province is zinc ingots.


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