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Ayatollah Raisi during his visit to Jahan Vegetable Oil Factory: We won't let country's production to be interrupted

"We will not allow production in this country to be interrupted, Jahan Vegetable Oil Factory must work at full capacity," the President said.

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Thu 18 - November 2021 - 14:49

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi visited Jahan Vegetable Oil Factory before noon on Thursday during his travel to Zanjan province, and said, "The production line of this factory is almost closed and works slowly".
The President added, "I know the Jahan Vegetable Oil Factory very well. Earlier, when I came to this factory, I told the then governor-general to restart this factory, and it was set up in a short time".
Referring to the similarity of the problems of this factory with the Keyvan Complex in Hamedan, Dr Raisi said, "The workers are standing in work clothes and are ready to work. The production line is also ready, but they are not taking action".
The President stressed, "We will not allow production to be interrupted in this country, the Jahan Vegetable Oil Factory must work at full capacity".
Addressing the internal manager of the factory, he said, "Tell the person who owns this factory he cannot run the factory in a fake manner".
Referring to the country's capacities, the President stated, "Legally, this unit is facing many problems in handing over and continuing its activities, and this delay can be prosecuted".
The President also called on the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Governor-General and Prosecutor of Zanjan to seriously pursue the restart of the factory's activities.


Code: 132691

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