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Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with educated people of Zanjan province: We involve people in gov't economic decisions/ If we wish, we will overcome issues

Referring to the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people, the President stated, "We should not consider sanctions as a serious obstacle. The enemies do not want our country to progress, but where we had sanctions and threats, we had more progress as in the defence industry, and it turns out that if we wish, we can overcome the problems".

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Thu 18 - November 2021 - 19:51

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with the educated people of Zanjan province during his travel plans to the province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi expressed happiness for meeting with the elites, university professors, students and pupils of the province, and said, "I value you young people a lot, and you should keep in touch with the government".
Saying that attention to art is important in universities and schools, the President added, "In the recent message of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to the new members of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, attention to art was one of the important issues. The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution is the main headquarters of the artistic activities of the Revolution".
Dr Raisi said, "We have very educated figures from Zanjan, such as Sheikh Eshraq, whose figure shines in the World of Islam".
Referring to the role of the National Elite Foundation in identifying elites and introducing them to the people, Dr Raisi said, "The establishment of this foundation is one of the initiatives of the Supreme Leader that we must make more active in this government".
Emphasising the capacities of Zanjan province, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Digital and virtual economy can be activated in this province. The university must be next to industry, agriculture and mining. It is not possible for the university to be far from the industry. The market and the economic system of the country must be scientific".
Dr Raisi continued, "The performance of the thirteenth government is change-oriented and based on justice and the Declaration of the Second Step of the Revolution".
Emphasising the need to solve problems with a revolutionary spirit, the President said, "We must reform the country's economic system, and this reform must be with the opinion of the elites and the persuasion of the people. The government will not cause economic shock in this regard, and we do not surprise people".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Paying attention to housing and employment of sport champions is an aspect of justice because they raised the name and flag of Iran on the platforms".
Dr Raisi also emphasised, "Housing is one of the basic needs of the country and if the construction of housing does not prosper, there will be a lot of backwardness".

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