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Ayatollah Raisi upon arrival in Zanjan province:

Zanjan the capital of passion like Imam Hussein's/ A lot of work has been done in Zanjan thanks to the Islamic Revolution, but we are far from the desired situation

The President stated that Zanjan has many capacities in the fields of agriculture, industry and mining, adding, "A lot of work has to be done for Zanjan province. Thanks to the Islamic Revolution, a lot of work has been done, but we are far from what needs to be done".

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Thu 18 - November 2021 - 10:05

Speaking on Thursday morning upon arrival in Zanjan province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi called the province the capital of passion like that of Imam Hussein's (AS), saying, "This is a very valuable attribute for Zanjan province and Zanjanis and their love and spiritual interest in the family of infallibility and purity (AS)".
The President called Zanjan province a province of many great people and added, "Well-known scholars, scientists and great philosophers have lived in Zanjan, whose names are always famous not only in Zanjan and Islamic Iran, but also in the World of Islam".
Dr Raisi expressed his hope that during this trip, some of the shortcomings and problems that have already been examined will be resolved, saying, "In the Administrative Council of the province and in the meetings with the esteemed managers of the province, the Supreme Leader's Representative in the province and the governor-general and esteemed members of parliament, dear managers and servants of the province, good decisions will be made, some of which will definitely be among the travel resolutions".
Ayatollah Raisi pointed out that a mechanism has been designed to follow the travel resolutions until a definite result is achieved, noting, "I have to apologise to the people of Zanjan province for not being able to meet with them in person because of COVID-19 conditions".
Referring to his annual presence at the Ashura ceremony in Zanjan, the President said, "I have the honour to attend Imam Hussein's (AS) mourning ceremony every year, but unfortunately, this year I could not do so due to COVID-19".
Dr Raisi expressed hope that what the dear people of Zanjan want will be followed in this trip, and in practice, people will see that what they want has been achieved.

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