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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Housing:

Governor-generals should pursue facilitating housing construction permits/ Preventing middlemen from abusing facilities distributed to public

After signing the cooperation documents between the Mostazafan Foundation and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to support the housing construction movement, the President said at the meeting of the Supreme Housing Council, "I should thank the Supreme Leader for agreeing to be allocate free land to the Mostazafan Foundation for building housing for the deprived".

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Tue 16 - November 2021 - 23:46

Speaking in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Housing on Tuesday afternoon, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi expressed his condolences on the anniversary of the passing of Her Holiness Fatemeh Masoumeh (PBUH), saying, "We will do our best to reduce the heavy share of housing in the household basket and the concerns of families in the field of housing".
Dr Raisi stated, "Of all the sectors that are active in this field, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) Camp, Khatam Al-Anbia Camp, I appreciate the Basij, the Mostazafan Foundation and the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, which have contributed to the formation of the National Housing Construction Movement".
The President also thanked the executive bodies, including the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, for participating in the supply of materials and banks for the provision of housing construction loans, saying, "The governor-generals must also form the provincial housing council regularly, once every two weeks, in order for the effects of this movement to appear".
Ayatollah Raisi stressed the need to provide suitable housing for construction by various agencies and departments, noting, "All economists agree that housing is one of the driving industries whose prosperity can lead to economic prosperity in all sectors".
The President also stressed the need to monitor all activities overseeing the implementation of the National Housing Movement by an agile oversight body in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.
Dr Raisi added, "The National Housing Movement can help implement more effective policies to support the family, encourage family formation, increase birth rates, support rural economic development, reverse rural migration and support production".
The President said, "The governor-generals should make sure that the issuance of construction permits is facilitated and accelerated, both for the sections related to the national housing construction movement and for the demand for public housing construction".
Ayatollah Raisi clarified, "Based on past experiences, take into account all the necessary legal considerations to provide facilities for cheap housing construction in these project target the society and middlemen cannot take advantage of them".
At the end of the meeting and after signing the cooperation documents between the Mostazafan Foundation and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Dr Raisi said, "I must thank the Supreme Leader for agreeing to provide free land for constructing housing for the underprivileged by the Foundation".

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