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Ayatollah Raisi in a parliament session held to review qualifications of the proposed Minister of Education:

Country’s diplomacy changed from passive to active mode/ After 10 years, Supreme Council of Education was formed for the first time

Referring to the introduction of the new Minister of Education, the President said, "After 10 years, the Supreme Council of Education was formed under the chairmanship of the President with the aim of mobilising all the capacities of the government in the service of education and to seriously follow implementing the Document on Fundamental Reform of Education”.

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Tue 16 - November 2021 - 09:38

Speaking on Tuesday during a parliament session held to review the qualifications of the proposed Minister of Education, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the measures taken in the field of widespread vaccination and facilitating public access to medicine and COVID-19 treatment, he said, "I repeat that as time goes by, my hope for the future grows”.
“83 days have passed since the beginning of the government, and with all the financial problems, the government payments, especially the payment of employees' salaries, have been made without delay and without borrowing from the central bank,” continued Raisi.
The President said that the volume of oil sales has increased and the process of financing the government has been facilitated and accelerated, adding, "Concerns about the supply and stores of essentials have been eliminated and the implementation of Majlis’ law for constructing 4 million housing units has begun with the holding of the Supreme Council of Housing”.
Dr Raisi stated, "Today, the country's diplomacy and international interactions, based on mutual respect and the principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency, have come out of the passive state and become active".
“A lot of work is being done, but since this government was supposed to report to the people with past tense language, we will report on the actions that have been taken,” he said.
Referring to his meetings with the provincial assemblies of MPs, the President stated, "In the past 83 days, I have travelled to one third of the provinces of the country, and despite the rumours and talks about these trips, I insist on following on the problems in the field”.

beginning of the government's work, after 6 days of work at the national level, we spend one day a week to address the issues of the provinces”.

“Today, the country's international interactions are pursued with the priority of diplomacy with neighbours and based on mutual respect and the principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency, and the country's diplomacy has turned from passive to active,” he said.

Ayatollah Raisi called the process of selecting government ministers and officials a matter of meritocracy and said, "Relationships, friendships, closeness and possibly media pressure do not lead to the introduction of an individual”.

Referring to the records of the proposed Minister of Education, the President noted, "Dr Fayyazi knows the class, the school, the education and the teacher. He has been a teacher for many years and is familiar with the process of course content”.

Referring to the increase in expectations to solve problems in the country due to the alignment of the government and parliament, Dr Raisi said, "This expectation is acceptable and the parliament and us can solve many problems, God willing".

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