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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the representatives of Isfahan, Semnan and Qom provinces:

Gov't has short-term, long-term plan to address public concern about water shortage/ We will implement a new family protection law

The President described the equitable distribution of available water resources and extraction from deep water resources as two solutions to reduce water shortage problems in the short term and said, "No solution to solve water shortage problems will be ignored and the government considers reducing this problem as one of its most important responsibilities".

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Thu 11 - November 2021 - 14:10

Speaking on Thursday morning in a meeting with representatives of Isfahan, Semnan and Qom provinces, and said, "The most important issue raised in this meeting was to express concern about water shortages. Long-term and long-term measures and plans have been prepared to address it".
Dr Raisi also talked about the issue of reviving Zayandehrood, adding, "I instructed the Chief of the Centre for Strategic Studies of the President to start scientific studies in this field. An active committee and working group will be formed to address this issue in order to restore Zayandehrood and solve its related problem".
Emphasising that any development in the country must be in line with environmental protection, the President stated, "The issue of pollution must be carefully considered".
"Unfortunately, the complex administrative system of the country causes scepticism among investors," he said.
Dr Raisi pointed to the approval of the Family Protection Law in the parliament and added, "The government will definitely implement this new law".
In another part of his speech, the President described the governing view of the 1401 budget as reforming the structure and budgeting system of the country with the aim of administering justice and based on the country's spatial planning document.
"The situation in the country is sensitive but improving," he said.
"We should all try to prevent costs from rising in the remaining months of 1400," Dr Raisi said, adding, "The 1401 budget is being adjusted so that we do not have a budget deficit to curb inflation and reduce economic pressures".
Ayatollah Raisi emphasised, "The suffering of the people is our suffering and I have not spent a single night apart from the concerns of the reports that I receive during the day".

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