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Discussed in a meeting with economists:

President's 4 questions to economists / Reviewing solutions to people's problems

Explaining the economic situation of the country when it was handed over to the 13th government, the President said, "The current economic situation should be changed with expert decisions".

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Tue 09 - November 2021 - 20:19

Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi attended a meeting with a group of economists on Tuesday evening, referring to the importance of solving the country's economic problems using the opinions of elites and experts, and said, "You know the economic situation that the government has taken over and many people feel the effects on their table and in their pockets, but you economists also know the reasons".
The President clarified by asking a few questions:
Why are the macroeconomic indicators of the country not favourable?
Why didn't the inflation that was supposed to be in single digits happen?
Why don't people see the tens of billions of dollars in hidden subsidies paid by the government in their lives?
Why have we had economic growth of less than one percent, despite the thousands of billions of tomans spent by the government in the last 8 years?
Ayatollah Raisi stated, "These are the questions that exist in the society. But according to economists inside and outside the government, it is possible to change the country's economic situation. There is a readiness in the government to make this change with the expert opinion, study and wisdom".
The President emphasised, "We are on the verge of preparing the most important financial document of the country, namely the budget of 1401. The budget should be justice-oriented and based on spatial planning so that the facilities can be distributed fairly".
Referring to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution's statement that the budget deficit was called the mother of all problems, Dr Raisi said, "Considering that the 1400 budget was closed with a budget deficit, this deficit has created a financial burden for the government".
The President noted, "The economic prescriptions that are to be written for the country's problems should not cause a recession. We need to look at what we can do to be both prosperous and non-inflationary. The government is expected to change the situation, and the people are well aware that this will not happen overnight".


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