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President in a press conference on a trip to Semnan province;

The solution to water shortage proper management, modification of consumption and cultivation patterns/ Emphasis on safety, increasing quality of roads in Semnan province

The President described the solution to the water shortage problem as proper management and reform of consumption and cultivation patterns and said, "It was decided to form a working group under the governor-general of Semnan to use the current water resources of the province in a way that addresses people's concerns".

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Thu 04 - November 2021 - 22:26

Speaking in a press conference at the end of his trip to Semnan province on Thursday night, in response to a question about the problem of water shortage in the province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Water shortage is a trans-provincial and transnational problem and many countries in the region are facing it, which needs serious action".
Emphasising the need for optimal use of water and reform of consumption and cultivation patterns, the President said, "We must move towards optimal and managed use of water resources, and no doubt if we have a new look at this area, the situation can be well managed".
Mr Raisi instructed the Governor-General of Semnan to report continuously to the people of the province on the progress of the adopted solutions and measures to deal with the drought and water shortage.
The President also responded to a question about the low quality and safety of roads in Semnan province and the high rate of accidents and road casualties, saying, "High number of road accidents and casualties due to road safety and low quality is not acceptable at all and the Minister of Roads and Urban Development should pursue this issue with priority".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "During this trip, good decisions have been made in the field of industry, agriculture, water and health and treatment of the province, and the Vice-President for Executive Affairs will closely follow the implementation of these resolutions".


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