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President: Attempting for economic independence against outsiders manifestation of anti-arrogance in economic field

The President described the way out of the existing problems of the country as possible and achievable and said, "Today, the country needs jihadist and coherent work to overcome the problems, and I consider this possible because WE CAN".

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Thu 04 - November 2021 - 22:21

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with elites, scholars, families of martyrs and war veterans and a group of different groups of the people of Semnan province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "By relying on God and trust in the internal resources and capacities of the country, especially our talented human resources, we can solve problems".
The President added, "The United States wanted to cause serious problems to the Iranian people with maximum pressure, but today even our enemies admit that the maximum resistance of the Iranian people has defeated the maximum pressure of the enemies and today the position of the Islamic Republic is stronger than ever".
Ayatollah Raisi continued his speech, calling the axis of all the events of 13 Aban anti-arrogance and resistance in the way of the cause and said, "Paying attention to cultural issues and religious and revolutionary principles can manifest anti-arrogance more, so it is necessary to redouble efforts to explain the principles of anti-arrogance".
Emphasising that anti-arrogance should also be manifested in the field of economic issues, Dr Raisi continued, "The most important manifestation of anti-arrogance in the economic field is to achieve economic independence from foreigners and to adopt prosperity strategies and remove barriers to production".
The President said, "Just as military power can create deterrence against arrogance so that the enemies cannot conspire, at the same time efforts in the economic and agricultural sectors can also contribute to the independence of the country".
Ayatollah Raisi added, "Today, producers, economic activists, workers and farmers, no matter how much they try for the independence of the country in the field of production of basic goods and needs of the people, are in fact on the way to confronting Arrogance".
Stating that the formation of an Islamic State depends on paying attention to the principles of the Islamic Revolution, said, "Today, using competent and efficient forces, moving in the second step of the Islamic Revolution and jihadist behaviour to solve the country's problems can realise the Islamic State wanted by the people throughout the history of the revolution".
The President added, "The 40-year history after the victory of the Islamic Revolution has many victories, honours and lessons in the field of political and economic issues that we must pay attention to in our decisions".
In another part of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi stated that Semnan province has a lot of potential in various economic, agricultural, industrial and mining sectors, saying, "The government is determined to eliminate such industries so that they can return to the production line, and in this regard, I call on the governor-general to follow up the problems of such industries seriously".
Referring to the request of one of the speakers in the field of supporting handicrafts and home jobs for women in the province, Dr Raisi said, "The government will pay serious attention to supporting handicrafts along with the prosperity of the province's tourism industry and we believe that if these areas prosper, it will definitely help create jobs and the economy of the province".
Referring to the active cultural and social proposal of the province in the field of not paying attention to women's working hours and appointing them in night shifts, Ayatollah Raisi clarified, "Women's dignity should not be violated in any way and working hours should not be planned in a way that is in line with dignity of women's mother and wife roles".
Referring to the problem of water supply in Semnan province, the President said, "The way out of the water shortage that has arisen due to the reduction of rainfall is to create a mechanism for optimal use of drinking water and agricultural water in the country and the government supports addressing people's concerns in this regard".


Code: 132457

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