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Visiting the tents of Sangsari nomadic tribes;

President: Establishment of livestock complexes and supply of livestock feed should be pursued

In an unannounced visit to the tent of Mahdishahr nomads, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The provision of livestock feed for nomads and ranchers in the region and the establishment of a livestock complex should be pursued and implemented by the governor-general of Semnan".

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Thu 04 - November 2021 - 11:33

Speaking in one of the tents of Mahdishahr nomads and after hearing the problems of nomads in the region, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The issues raised here are mostly about water shortage, and in addition to taking the required measures, we need to pray for divine blessings on the country".
Referring to the report of the Minister of Agricultural Jihad to solve the problems of Mahdishahr nomads and ranchers, the President said, "Livestock feed should be provided to Mahdishahr nomads and ranchers in such a way that after the growing of their livestock, the repayment of loan instalments will begin".
Ayatollah Raisi also addressed the governor-general of Semnan and emphasised, "Follow up the issue of creating a livestock complex until it is completed".
Appreciating the efforts of nomadic women to produce handicrafts and the importance of the location of Semnan province, which is known as Bab al-Reza (AS), the President said, "Creating a market and marketing for selling handicraft products is very important in supporting this local industry".


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