sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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President in the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

No deadlock in solving country's issues/ Actions of different gov’t sections should be complementary to each other, aimed at solving country's problems

The President stated, "There is no deadlock in solving the problems of the country and different sections of the government must act in a coordinated and systematic way so that the actions are complementary to each other and in order to solve the problems of the country".

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Wed 03 - November 2021 - 08:54

The Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board convened a meeting on Tuesday evening in a session that was chaired by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, and presented a report on the state of oil, petrochemical and natural gas exports.
According to this report, the volume of oil sales is increasing compared to the past, and the petrochemical export statistics are in a good condition.
In this meeting, the Governor of the Central Bank also reported on the latest situation of foreign exchange resources, how to receive blocked financial resources abroad and the measures being taken to return these resources.
During the meeting, the issue of strict implementation of the previously approved regulations in the board regarding the assistance and loans of the National Development Fund to support the capital market stabilisation fund was raised and it was decided that these approvals be implemented immediately.

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