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President makes unannounced visit to quake-hit areas in Andika/ President orders to immediately rebuild damage, compensate people's losses

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi made an unannounced visit to Khuzestan province to visit and solve the problems of the earthquake-hit areas of Andika, and ordered the immediate reconstruction of the damages and compensation for people's losses.

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Fri 29 - Oktober 2021 - 17:24

Dr Raisi arrived at Ahwaz Airport on Friday morning by helicopter in an unannounced visit and flew to the earthquake-stricken areas of Andika and the village of Sar-e-shat.
Dr Raisi also met with the people of the earthquake-stricken district of Chelo in a cordial atmosphere and was closely informed about the losses inflicted on them and their needs.
The people of the district also appreciated and thanked the President for his presence in the earthquake-stricken areas and asked Ayatollah Raisi to take immediate care of their situation and provide more facilities for the region, considering that winter is approaching.
The President said, "Although I had the reports and followed up with the local officials, I did not sleep well at night due to the concern of the people here".
During the visit, Dr Raisi also ordered that the roads leading to Sar-e-shat village be rebuilt as soon as possible, that the lost livestock be compensated, and that the Andika County Hospital be completed and equipped.
In this trip, the First Vice-President Mohammad Mokhber is accompanying Ayatollah Raisi.

Code: 132336

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