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President in a meeting with Assembly of Representatives of Tehran Province:

Powerful advancement of affairs has created hope in people, despair in enemies/ Gov't to fulfil its responsibilities to develop public transportation, especially in Tehran/ We won't mind our reputation in major surgeries needed, saving country's economy

During the meeting of the Assembly of Representatives of Tehran Province in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the President instructed his chief of staff and executive deputy to make arrangements for holding meetings and provide solutions to solve Tehran's problems.

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Thu 28 - Oktober 2021 - 13:22

During the meeting, which was also attended by the Governor-General of Tehran, 24 representatives of the province expressed their views on the issues and problems of the province and urged the government to try to solve these problems.
Ayatollah Raisi described the holding of this meeting as the beginning of a joint effort to solve the problems of Tehran province and said, "Today, there is a serious hope and expectation in the people to solve problems and a feeling of despair and hopelessness in the enemy".
The President also said, "Although Tehran is not the whole country, but due to its centrality and high population, Tehran's problems are national, and solving social problems and harms in this province can be effective in solving similar problems in all countries".
Dr Raisi referred to the issue of environmental problems in Tehran province and said, "According to the law, the governor-general of Tehran should be responsible for managing air pollution, traffic, sewage and other environmental issues in the province, and if necessary, amendments should be made to these laws or more authority should be given to him".
Regarding the government's task in developing the public transport fleet, especially in Tehran province, the President said, "Certainly, we should not expect the problems accumulated from previous years to be solved overnight, but the 13th government will certainly fulfil its duties in this regard".
In another part of his speech, Mr Raisi stated that the reform of the budget structure is being seriously pursued, adding, "The government is extremely sensitive to the increase in expenditures; In the first days of office, when we wanted to pay the salary, no credit was available, and now we pay an average of 10 trillion tomans in monthly expenses for the previous government".
Emphasising that the direction of the 13th government is the administration of justice, the President said, "The budget structure is being reformed with the justice administration approach, and for example, the salary increase will be implemented in a gradual manner and the government will not make any promises that will not be realised".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "In the new budget structure, a share in national development and production has been determined for each province, and the provinces must play their share and role in the prosperity of production and development of the country".
The President said, "If rescuing the country's economy from the current situation requires some major surgeries, I and the 13th government will not hesitate to spend our power and reputation in this direction".
Mr Raisi emphasised, "We have big problems ahead of us, but we also have great capacities to solve problems, and realising these capacities requires close and sincere cooperation between the government and the parliament".


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