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President at the session of the Supreme Council of Water:

Water projects should be completed with intensified efforts and speed/ Water diplomacy to be activated to pursue Iran's water rights from neighbours

Emphasising the need for justice in the distribution of water in the country, the President called for speeding up the implementation of water projects for the supply of sustainable drinking water.

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Tue 26 - Oktober 2021 - 21:08

Speaking on Tuesday in the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Water in the 13th government, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised the need for justice in water distribution, and said, "People expect justice from the government and in water distribution it is necessary to report the amount of reserves and how to distribute it".
Dr Raisi said, "The executive bodies, departments and organisations should formulate their development plans in accordance with the water situation of the country and all industrial and agricultural projects should be implemented according to the reduction of consumption".
The President emphasised on accelerating the implementation of projects related to the water sector, and said, "Projects related to water supply and wastewater collection, along with increasing the installation of desalination plants for coastal towns and villages, should be completed with double efforts so that people can enjoy its benefits".
Referring to the importance of saving and presenting the cultivation pattern to farmers, Ayatollah Raisi said, "I believe that if the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad invites farmers to cooperate in reforming and changing the cultivation pattern by persuading them and awarding prizes and incentive plans, the farmers will definitely participate".
Mr Raisi said, "It is necessary to seriously pursue Iran's relationship with active diplomacy with neighbouring countries on the east and west".
Emphasising that it is necessary to reform the consumption pattern in the field of water, electricity and energy, the President said, "In the law of the Sixth Development Plan and Budget of 1400, there are provisions to adjust consumption, which must be prepared and executed".
Ayatollah Raisi also stressed the need to pay attention to environmental issues in the implementation of industrial and agricultural projects and to improve the quality of refineries.
Referring to the need to save water and the need for cooperation of the people in this regard, the President said, "The current situation in the country in the field of water requires reporting to the people on water supply".
The President said, "People have always shown that wherever they are sincerely invited to cooperate, they have responded positively, and it is necessary for those involved in the field of water to inform the people about the current situation through the media".

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