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Ayatollah Raisi at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Convincing public opinion in fighting COVID-19 a necessity/ Health infrastructure must be strengthened to prevent recurrence of the surprise in the fifth wave of disease

Stating that more important than the number of doses of injectable vaccine is the protection of public health, the President said, "Convincing public opinion is a necessity in the success of the fight against coronavirus, and efforts should be made to return the level of health practices from a downward slope to an upward slope."

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Sat 23 - Oktober 2021 - 13:45

Speaking on Saturday morning at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the efforts of all those who are involved in the fight against corona, and said, "In the fight against coronavirus, persuading public opinion is an inevitable necessity".
The President added, "All those who possess a tribune, especially the national media, should explain the current situation in the country, especially in comparison with other countries, and explain the actions and the quality of dealing with this disease".
Dr Raisi said, "It is also necessary to explain to the public the studies conducted on the effect of public vaccination on health and possible disease in order to encourage those who have refused to be vaccinated for any reason to be vaccinated".
"Our concern is to protect the health of the people, and in this regard, the procedures and recommendations of experts will be the basis for action," the President said, referring to the injection of the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine.
Ayatollah Raisi referred to the need to strengthen the infrastructure to successfully deal with the possible sixth wave of COVID-19 and said, "We hope not to face a new wave of the disease, but in any case we must be prepared not to react passively to the possible wave of the disease".
Emphasising that we should not allow a possible new wave of disease like the fifth wave, to surprise us, the President said, "We must prevent the recurrence of the country's problems in facing the fifth wave of the disease by taking the necessary measures and preparations”.
Mr Raisi said, "In addition to the national media, the reopening of universities and schools can also be a good platform for public and effective education in the field of preventive measures against Corona, which should be used in the best way".
The President stressed the need for strong support for domestic vaccines from the Ministry of Health and added, "The reason for the widespread import of vaccines at this time is the need to deal quickly with the spread of the disease”.


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