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President at a press conference at the end of the trip to Ardabil province:

The future of Ardabil province to become completely different with measures that are being taken/ Gov’t determined to raise the status and level of Ardabil province

Referring to the government's plans and decisions to create change and accelerate the development of Ardabil province, the President said, "With the measures on the agenda for this province, the future of Ardabil province will be completely different and we will see a decrease in unemployment, increase in employment and progress in different parts of the province”.

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Sat 23 - Oktober 2021 - 08:41

Speaking in a press conference at the end of his visit to Ardabil province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the decisions taken to solve the problems of Ardabil province, and said, "Ardabil province has a lot of capacity and the government is determined to activate the capacity, position and raise the level of Ardabil province”.
The President said that the existence of half-finished projects in Ardabil province is hurting the people of the province, adding, "Some projects have been suspended for several years and delays in their completion have caused wear and tear on equipment and infrastructure”.
Ayatollah Raisi described the necessity of completing roads and preventing road casualties important for the province and said, "During the visit to the Parsabad-Ardabil road, it was decided to complete this project quickly and put it into operation with prioritisation”.
Dr Raisi added, "It was also decided that the Ardabil railway, which has become a dream for the people of Ardabil with a delay of several years, will be put into operation as soon as possible with jihadist action and the necessary funding".
The president said that the sale of surplus government assets would be one way to finance the implementation of such development and infrastructure projects.
Ayatollah Raisi said, "For the development of agriculture in the province, it was decided to follow the field of conversion industries and guarantee the purchase of agricultural products with priority”.
Referring to the demand of the people of the province for free zones, Mr Raisi said, "The establishment of a free zone is one of the approvals of the Expediency Council, but it should be noted that free zones should not become a centre for importing goods".

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