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President in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Ardabil Province:

Officials must work around the clock to solve people's problems/ If the country's capacities are activated, future will surely be bright/ Banks must not shut down even one production unit for their claims

Emphasising that the government has a very big mission to serve the people and solve their problems, the President addressed the ministers and officials of the executive departments, saying, "Today, people expect us to work around the clock and redouble their efforts to solve problems and take action on their concerns”.

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Sat 23 - Oktober 2021 - 08:23

Speaking on Friday night in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Ardabil Province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi congratulated the birthdays of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq (AS), and described the provincial trips necessary to know the problems of the province and address the concerns of the people.
He said, "Although the problems of the province are not supposed to be solved completely in one trip, but the government should not neglect to address the minor problems of the people, and the necessary needs and problems of the people of the province can be identified and solved by being prioritised”.
The President said that the government pays special attention to the completion of half-finished projects in provincial trips, because the delay in completing these projects both upsets the people and causes the equipment and facilities of these projects to wear out.
Dr Raisi described motivating ministers and officials as one of the effects of provincial trips and said, "In provincial trips, officials of all executive bodies feel obliged and work to carry out plans and take care of people's affairs".
Pointing out that the current situation in Ardabil province is not favourable, the President said, "Considering the huge capacities that the province has in different sectors, you should follow up and finish things faster so that people's lives are organised and the province's backwardness is compensated".
Pointing out that in times of budget shortages, projects should be pursued on the basis of priority, Mr Raisi said, "The solution to overcome the problem of budget deficit is to reduce costs and increase revenues".
The President said that if the existing capacities are activated in different parts of the country, the future will surely be bright.
Dr Raisi emphasised the implementation of justice in the distribution of capacities and facilities in the country, saying, "The country's budgeting should be done in a balanced manner based on spatial management, and from the 1401 budget on, we plan to include the distribution of capacities based on balance and justice in our work plans".
Ayatollah Raisi further referred to privatisation and said, "Privatisation should be aimed at boosting production and increasing employment, and the government is responsible for guiding, supporting and supervising the economy, and care should be taken to put the private sector on the right track".
Referring to the problem of unemployment in Ardabil province, the president said, "The province has a lot of potential to create jobs, and these capacities must be activated and efficient local human resources must be used".

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