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Visiting Ardabil's Railway Project;

President: The Miyaneh-Ardabil railway should have been put into operation much earlier, but it has taken nearly two decades

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi visited the Ardabil Railway project on Friday as part of his provincial trip plans to Ardabil.

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During the visit, the President said, "The people of Ardabil province have been waiting for the opening of the railway for a long time, and this project, which is one of the infrastructures of the province, must be completed seriously".
Referring to the important role of rail transport in moving freight and passengers in this fertile and touristic province, Dr Raisi said, "I hope that the train whistle will sound at the Ardabil railway station next year, although the project managers have promised it will happen earlier".
Regarding today's visits and meetings with the people of Ardabil province, the President said, "Communicating with the people and finding out about their views and demands is a good opportunity for me and my colleagues, and we hope that, God willing, we will be able to follow and address people's demands".
Ayatollah Raisi said that the government does not seek to begin new projects, and said, "We are facing many half-finished projects that have bothered people. Everywhere we go, we see half-finished projects making people angry, and we hope to be able to meet some of the people's expectations on these trips".
The executive operation of the Miyaneh-Ardabil Railway, with a length of approximately 175 km, has been started since 2005.


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