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President visits Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex/ Gov't backs development of this unique complex

The President visited the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex, and stressed the government's support for the development of this large agricultural complex.

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Fri 22 - Oktober 2021 - 11:05

After entering the city of Parsabad Moghan, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi immediately went to the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex and while visiting this complex, was informed about the development plan of agricultural, horticultural, animal husbandry and industrial products.
During the visit, referring to the vast agricultural and employment-generating capacities of the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex, the President said, "The government is committed to supporting the prosperity of activities and increasing employment in this complex as much as possible".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "There is no reason to stop and slow down the activities of Moghan Agro-Industrial Comlex and the government supports the promotion and development of this complex".
Dr Raisi said, "Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex should use part of its capacities and revenues to fulfil social responsibilities towards the province and improve the situation of the people of the region".


Code: 132121

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