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President at cabinet session:

Iran’s policy unity in World of Islam; enemy’s policy sowing discord/ Stressing collective efforts to maintain unity, integrity among all parts of nation

Speaking on Wednesday morning in a cabinet meeting, Dr Raisi congratulated the birthdays of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Imam Ja'far Sadiq (AS) and also the Week of Unity, saying, "The Great Prophet of Islam and his progeny are the key to unity in the World of Islam and human society”.

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Wed 20 - Oktober 2021 - 12:51

The President described unity in the World of Islam as the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and sowing discord as the strategy of the enemy, and said, "Anyone who knowingly or unknowingly acts against unity has played on enemy’s side".

Emphasising that we should all try to maintain unity among the Muslim nation of Iran of different ethnicities and religions, Ayatollah Raisi said, "This issue is not a tactic but a strategy for the Islamic Republic. Of course, this does not mean the unification of all ethnic and religious groups, thoughts and dialects, but it means avoiding divisiveness and a single view of the strategic goal of the Islamic Republic, which is progress”.

Dr Raisi further stressed the need to provide temporary accommodation for those who travel to large cities, including Tehran, for treatment, but do not have accommodation.

The President further appreciated the efforts and activities of the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs and said, "Today, Ms Khaz’ali and I are sitting in the executive position and suggestions and recommendations are no longer accept from us".

Ayatollah Raisi added, "The Vice-Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, in consultation with intellectuals and experts, should provide solutions to the problems in this field, especially social harms, including divorce, and provide executive and operational solutions”.

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