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President in a meeting with elites, scholars, families of martyrs and representative of the people of Fars province:

I firmly say that provincial trips should be made; not doing so won't solve any problem/ The focus of the 13th gov't is on achieving justice, eliminating backwardness

The president said that not holding provincial trips of the government will not solve any problem and these trips should be done, saying, "The President and managers must identify and solve the problems on the field and if the President does not make any trip to provinces, he cannot have a real grasp of the problems in different parts of the country and solve them".

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Thu 14 - Oktober 2021 - 19:20

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with elites, scholars, families of martyrs and representative of the people of Fars province as his travel plans to Fars province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "What we are looking for today, and the Declaration of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution emphasises it, is to compensate for the backwardness, and despite many advancements in various fields, one of the most important backwardness in the last 40 years is the realisation of justice".
Dr Raisi said, "In order for progress to lead to justice, it must be designed and implemented based on studies based on spatial management and recognising the capacities and needs of each region".
Emphasising that the axis of the 13th government's work will be the realisation of justice, the President said, "The basis of the government's work is the implementation of the law and the identification and compensation of shortcomings".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Fars province is the centre of agriculture, mining, industry, tourism, services and trade, and considering the large number of motivated and educated young people, it should not face the problem of unemployment, but unfortunately from the first minutes of my presence in Fars province, I heard complaints and requests that people have regarding unemployment".
Dr Raisi described employment as one of the basic rights of the people and one of the main tasks of the government and said, "Efforts to create employment are not limited to the Ministry of Labour, but all government departments and agencies and government institutions must feel responsible and strive to create employment".
"At the beginning of the government, we defined the first priority as the fight against coronavirus, which, thank God with the efforts of the government and the support of the people, we have largely overcome this problem today with extensive vaccination, although we must be careful about its return," said Dr Raisi.
Ayatollah Raisi said, "The second and, of course, simultaneous step of the government was to pay attention to people's livelihood and control inflation, and to support businesses, which we can focus on easier today with the relative control of corona".
The President described Fars province as one of the important provinces in the field of production of agricultural, industrial and mineral products and said, "Statistics have put the province in a good position in terms of economy and value of products".
"I urge the governor-general of Fars to support those who are engaged in the production of products in their homes, especially the production of handicrafts, in addition to supporting various manufacturing companies," he said.
Ayatollah Raisi described Fars province as one of the health tourism hubs and said, "We should try to activate the huge capacities of the province with the help of the people and officials so that the problem of unemployment is eradicated from the province".
The President said, "Successful implementation of government programmes depends on the efforts and public participation and the government in various fields, including in solving the housing problem".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Some people criticise the provincial trips and say that these trips are expensive, but I say if the president does not travel to the provinces, how can the problem of the factory, where 87% of the construction operations have been done and the remaining 13% have been delayed for eight years, will be solved?!"
Dr Raisi said, "Many problems will not be solved if the president and managers are not present in the middle of the field to solve problems".
"There are many projects that are completed and put into operation by injecting small funds and solving small problems, and I, as the President, am determined to continue to be present among the people and to manage the issues on the field," he said.
The President said, "Before each provincial trip, a delegation will be sent to the destination province, and meetings will be held in Tehran with representatives and officials of the province, and issues and problems will be reviewed and summarised, and the necessary plans and funds for the province will be approved".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "More than 100 plans have been finalised for Fars province, and their implementation will solve an important part of the province's problems".


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