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President in a cordial meeting with a group of sport champions:

Promoting sports very important/ Gov't responsible to back athletes to play sports without worries/ Efforts for Iran's representatives to participate in world sports championships should be pursued with focus on serving country's interests

Speaking in a cordial meeting with a group of sports champions, the President said, "The achievements of athletes in world competitions has a very important role in promoting vitality in the society and creating vitality for the people, which is not comparable to anything else."

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Thu 14 - Oktober 2021 - 17:32

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a cordial meeting with a group of sports champions during visit to Fars province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi congratulated them and the Iranian nation on being proud of having such athletes, saying, "Your victories and pride make the hearts of many young people and people in Iran, the region and the world happy, for which I would like to thank you".
The President said, "I also appreciate your parents whose good prayers accompanied you and raised you in such a way that you attend the sports fields in the name and memory of the Imams, and that after victory, you thank God, which is very beautiful".
Ayatollah Raisi continued by stating that today it is very important to recommend sports, saying, "Either public sports that ensure the health of body and soul, or professional and championship sports should always be attended to, and the government is responsible in this regard for providing support, guidance and supervision".
Mr Raisi said, "The government is obliged to address your concerns, including employment and housing, so that you can improve your skills and achieve greater success by focusing on sports training".
Stating that Fars Province and the city of Shiraz shone very brightly in the recent world sports competitions, the President instructed the Minister of Sports, "Rewards for sports champions should be paid quickly".
Regarding the importance of the membership of Iranian representatives in international sports associations and unions, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Efforts to participate in these organisations should be pursued with the focus on securing the country's interests".
Dr Raisi also responded to the request of sports champions about providing housing, saying, "The 13th government has a comprehensive plan to provide housing for different brackets of society and will certainly try to provide housing for sports champions".
Referring to the requests made by athletes during the election campaign for the appointment of sports and non-political officials at the head of the Ministry of Sports, the President said, "The 13th government appointed the Minister of Sports from among athletes themselves".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "You athletes are the manifestations of 'we can' for the young people of our country, and you must work to continue your success, because maintaining the championship position is more difficult than winning a medal".
The President said, "Your value as athletes is not only in medals and sports success, but your real value is in your heroic position in defending the oppressed and the values of the Islamic system".
Before the president's speech, the athletes also expressed their opinions and demands.
At the end of the ceremony, Ayatollah Raisi presented gifts to the athletes.

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