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President in a press conference at the end of Bushehr provincial trip:

Gov’t serious about paying people’s share of oil, gas, petrochemical revenues/ Bushehr province can become an agricultural hub, especially in producing dates/ Allocating 1500 hectares of lands to prawn farming with the aim of creating jobs

In a press conference at the end of the Bushehr provincial trip on Friday night, the President explained the government's decisions and approvals to accelerate the development of Bushehr province.

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Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Bushehr province is not benefiting from the existence of large industries in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, it is not acceptable and a share of these industries should be allocated for development, solving problems and providing services to the people of the province.
The President added, "The government is seriously emphasising the payment of the share and rights of the people of the province from oil, gas and especially petrochemical revenues”.
Referring to the capacities of Bushehr province in the field of agriculture, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The province can become an agricultural hub, especially in the production of dates, and it is necessary to solve the problem of agricultural water. In this regard, it was decided to take the necessary measures to transfer water to the area quickly”.
Dr Raisi added, "It is possible to supply drinking water to the people of Bushehr through two channels of the nuclear power plant and launching desalination plants. It was decided that the necessary measures in this regard would be implemented and operational quickly”.
In response to a question about the decisions taken to complete the Bushehr railway project, the President said, "The responsibility for following up on the completion of this project has been entrusted to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, and we are determined that this project come out of the deadlock and become operational as soon as possible”.
Ayatollah Raisi further referred to the decisions taken for employment and housing of the province's young people and said, "One of the important needs for housing construction is the issue of land. In this regard, all the required lands in the province, which are owned by the government, have been identified”.
The president also stressed the need to activate the tourism and maritime economies to create jobs and accelerate the development of the province.
Ayatollah Raisi added, "About 94 plans have been approved to accelerate the growth and prosperity of the province in various fields, the implementation process of which will be followed by the Vice President for Executive Affairs, and the people of the province will be informed about the measures taken".
The President also said that 1500 hectares of lands would be allocated to prawn farming with the aim of creating jobs in the province.


Code: 131845

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