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President visits Reshadat Oil Field:

Shipbuilding, construction of offshore platforms symbols of authority-building for the country/ Efforts for self-sufficiency of the country symbol of fighting the domination-seeking of the Arrogant / Government backs shipbuilding industry

The President continued his travel plans to Bushehr province by visiting Sadra Industrial Island, and while visiting different parts of the Reshadat Oil Field development project and the completion stages of the Afra Maquette 2 Ocean Liner, and was briefed by the Minister of Petroleum and the managers of the industrial complex.

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Fri 08 - Oktober 2021 - 12:19

While appreciating the valuable efforts made in the field of oil, gas and shipbuilding, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Shipbuilding and the design and construction of offshore platforms are symbols of authority-building for the country".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Striving for self-sufficiency in various industrial fields is in fact a symbol of fighting against the domination-seeking of the Arrogant, and every worker and entrepreneur who works in this direction is on the path of confronting domination-seekers".
Mr Raisi also stressed the importance of localisation of the shipbuilding industry and said, "The government will support the country's shipbuilding and maritime industries with all its might".

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