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Ayatollah Raisi meets with farmers of Ahram County/ Gov't to soon allocate budget for completion of Khaeez Dam / Solving water problem of Bushehr date palm gardens a priority

The President visited the date palm gardens of Ahram County of Bushehr province in the farmers' shack and had a face-to-face conversation with them.

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Fri 08 - Oktober 2021 - 14:00

In this direct and face-to-face conversation, a group of farmers and palm growers expressed their happiness over the presence of Ayatollah Raisi in their gathering, and expressed their problems and suggestions, especially regarding solving the water problem.
After hearing the problems of farmers and palm growers, the President instructed the Minister of Agricultural Jihad and the Governor-General of Bushehr to address the problems as soon as possible.
Dr Raisi also delivered a short speech, emphasising the serious efforts of the government to solve the water problem with the help of farmers, saying, "Be sure that with each other's efforts we will not allow a major problem to be created for the province's date palm gardens".
The President described the plan to improve the irrigation of the province's date palm gardens as one of the priority issues and said, "The government will allocate the necessary amount of credit needed to complete the Khaeez Dam as soon as possible so that this dam will become operational in the shortest time and the water problem of the province's farmers will be solved".
Ayatollah Raisi also referred to the need to allocate the necessary funds for the construction of Bahoosh Dam in the year 1401 budget and said, "The construction of this dam is necessary to solve the province's agricultural problems and should be put into operation as soon as possible by providing its resources".


Code: 131817

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