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President after the election of the new CBI Governor:

CBI should monitor the performance of banks seriously, accurately/ In case of conflict of interests, CBI must give priority rights of people, system, country/ Reiterating coordination of gov't economic team with 1st VP

The cabinet meeting chaired by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi as held on Wednesday, during which Mr Ali Salehabadi, who was named by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance as the new Governor of the Central Bank, received a vote of confidence from the government.

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Wed 06 - Oktober 2021 - 14:10

After the election of the new Governor of the Central Bank, the President stressed that the role of the Central Bank is very important in maintaining the value of the national currency and controlling inflation, saying, "The Central Bank should seriously monitor the performance of banks and not based on recommendations".
Mr Raisi described the key to success in the field of economy as health in the economic system and said, "The Central Bank has a lot of facilities and money, which if it is not monitored, it will definitely be a problem".
The President called on the Governor of the Central Bank to seriously and carefully monitor the country's banking system, to protect the interests of the nation and give priority to the benefit of the nation, the country, the value of the national currency and basic interests".
Pointing out that one of the government's promises was to coordinate the economic team, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Thank God, good coordination has been established between the government's economic team and perhaps the philosophy of appointing the governor of the Central Bank by the Minister of Economy is the necessity of coordinating the government's economic team".
Stating that I have already announced and I emphasise in this meeting again that the responsibility for creating coordination in the government's economic team lies with the First Vice-President, and said, "The government's economic team must coordinate with the 1st VP to resolve the current economic problems".
The President said, "I have always emphasised that it is necessary to take strong and effective decisions to improve the economic situation of the country, using the opinions of all economic experts and thinkers, regardless of their political views, and with all-round coordination".


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